While the concept of flexible co-working space wasn’t new when Paula Blair started Soar Co-Working in 2017, the idea of planting it in the middle of suburban Tampa, Fla., was a novel approach.

She spent her first year building her new business idea, but didn’t have a modern system to support it. She wrote out estimates in an Excel document and exported a PDF to email to her clients. Her team using a clunky, outdated database that just “errored all over itself,” she says.

‘Effortless’ Estimates & Invoices

First things first, Paula started using Thryv’s estimates and invoicing capabilities. She began creating professional estimates that she sent over text or email. Once approved, she turned estimates into invoices with the click of a button, never to return to those Excel spreadsheets again.

Thryv’s advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system focuses on the entire customer experience. Staying connected to her clients is a breeze, she says.

“Thryv’s CRM feature helps me stay organized and engaged with my clients,” she says.

She can tag each customer with their status and send the most relevant messages to them. The online scheduling option is another bonus when customers can set up their own tour appointments. “We’re all notified of it and it goes on all of our calendars,” she says. “Thryv has been a great solution for us.”

Check out more of Soar Co-Working’s story in the video below.

Soar Co-Working from Thryv on Vimeo.