One of the most interesting highlights coming out of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) focused on innovation in advertising and how this has the potential to play out in the mobile and digital world. This is one of many areas of mobile technology explored at the MWC, an event aimed at unveiling new tools to help businesses not only live in the mobile world but stand out from the competition. Here are some key takeaways on mobile advertising from MWC 2015.

The Mobile Environment Is Changing

The latest Mobile Mix report from mobile ad experts Millennial Media has revealed that mobile giant Samsung unseated the previous leader Apple by delivering the greatest number of ad impressions in 2014. According to the report, this upset can be attributed in part to an evolving mobile environment of more sophisticated devices and bigger screens. This in turn has driven an upsurge in video and innovative ad campaigns that have become necessary to garner the attention of increasingly distracted consumers.

New Advertising Strategies Are Critical

Thus, it’s not surprising that major mobile ad tech innovators took center stage at this year’s MWC. Central here was the Lost Angeles based company Airpush, which has been pursuing new strategies aimed at filling those bigger screens with more visual richness and vitality than ever before. Specifically at the conference, the company demoed its new abstract banners: an innovative approach to mobile advertising that streamlines and enhances the format of standard banners, making the ads much more engaging for consumers.

Abstract Banners Provide Compelling Solution

Airpush’s abstract banner ads are animated and designed to create a visual punch. Here, full motion transparent overlays are seamlessly integrated with app content, which effectively eliminates the clunky and unattractive look that previous mobile screen banner ads have been oft criticized for. These ads were reportedly a hit at the MWC, indicating that major changes to mobile advertising are just around the corner.

The Mobile World Congress was held March 2–5, 2015, in Barcelona, Spain. Hosted by the GSMA, this is the world’s largest annual gathering of mobile and related industry C-level executives.


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