New research shows that the current trend in smart phone and tablet mobile marketing strategies focuses on building brand identification and customer allegiance rather than generating or increasing sales transactions on mobile devices.

EPiServer recently conducted a survey of CEOs, vice-presidents, directors, and ecommerce managers from more than 100 companies in the commercial, retail, and manufacturing sectors. According to the results, almost half of retailers using a mobile strategy, and 75 percent of those who anticipate initiating one during the year, see it as a means for personalizing the user’s experience and improving customer loyalty.

The Vice-President of Product Management at EPiServer, Bob Egner, observes,”As e-commerce powerhouses like Amazon and eBay make it increasingly difficult to compete on price, retailers are using mobile as a way to differentiate themselves through convenience and brand loyalty.”

Even among those merchants conducting business exclusively online, 60 percent indicate that mobile transactions comprise less than one fifth of their sales.

Egner goes on to say, “…retailers are realizing a higher return and an increase in repeat business when they provide their customers with a positive experience that fosters loyalty and convenience, rather than when they build out a complex transaction model.”

Despite the growth of mobile marketing approaches, though, only a third of businesses plan to increase spending on improving their mobile strategy model.


Brooks, Chad. “Most Mobile Efforts Aimed at Branding, Not Sales” July 01, 2013.