Meeting Your Sales TargetsIf you want to meet your sales targets, you need to follow some tried and true rules to make sure you meet them every month. Here are some tips on how to meet and exceed your sales goals and add new clients, too.

Prospect for new clients every week. Sure, you have existing clients, and they make up most of your sales, but you need new clients, too. It pays to keep adding new clients while you keep a secure base of existing clients, that way you’ll always have fresh clients to shore up your account.

Grow your reach. Always look for new industries or targets for your products. This will help you expand your company and exceed your sales goals. Get your team together to look for new targets for your market, and your company will expand.

Improve the value that your companies can achieve, and you’ll improve your own bottom line. Don’t tell your propositions what you’ve done, let them know what you can help them achieve with your products. Develop a 30-second pitch on what you can do for the company you’re pitching, and you’ll see your sales soar.

Work on your questioning skills. Most salespeople aren’t really good question askers. Teach yourself good questioning skills, with high-impact, high-value questions that make your prospects really think about the answers they give. This will really make you stand out from your competition. This requires forethought and research.

Always ask your customers for referrals. They’re the best source of new clients, and if they’re happy with you, they’ll be happy to share them. Referrals have a higher closing ratio and shorter sales cycle, too.

Presentations should be perfect. Make sure that your presentations are perfected with each client’s specific needs in mind. Before you meet your prospect, you should rehearse your pitch and perfect it only with them in mind.

Always ask for the sale. That means asking for agreement or commitment as you move through your sales presentation. This will help you close the deal at the end of the sales process.

Keep your company’s name in the mind of your prospect. A phone call or two is not enough. Try emailing, dropping by, networking, or brochures to contact them, but make sure those contacts bring them some type of value, they aren’t just empty contacts.

Use these tips on meeting sales targets to add to your sales and to your bottom line at the same time.