To prepare their latest debrief, MarketingCharts collaborated with Experian Marketing Services, Survey Monkey and other data providers to compile and analyze helpful data for marketers striving to reach Baby Boomers through online and offline advertising.

The debrief features 20 charts and tables and presents insights for marketers from three perspectives:

  • By providing demographic data about Baby Boomers
  • Through the measurement of Boomers’ spending power and their attitudes about advertising
  • By analyzing the best way to reach and influence Boomers through advertising

Following are some of the main conclusions drawn from the data and highlighted in the report:

  • Only a small percentage of advertising budgets are targeted towards Baby Boomers despite the fact that they have more disposable income than any other generation.
  • Boomers are more skeptical about the trustworthiness of advertisers than other groups.
  • Boomers are more heavily reliant on advertising when making purchases vs. other groups who are more swayed by word of mouth and peer reviews.


MarketingCharts staff. “Debrief: Advertising to Baby Boomers – The Why and How”.