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Here’s just a preview of some of the expert advice you’ll hear at the seminar:

Barry Moltz, Author and Entrepreneur

“Marketing is not a sometime thing”

“Marketing isn’t something a small business does when they have no business. It is an all the time thing so they can be there when their customers are ready to buy. It is critical for growing companies to have a systematic process where they are always marketing their company.”

Barry Moltz is a radio host, entrepreneur and author of three best-selling business books. 

Joel Comm, Best-Selling Author

“The live video revolution in business starts now”

Joel Comm“The most important development in social media since the release of the smart phone is happening right now, and many people are missing it. The perfect storm of mobile adoption, increased bandwidth and easy-to-use apps is giving rise to the live video revolution. Businesses and brands that are paying attention to this movement are discovering how to build engagement and convert more sales using these tools.”

Joel Comm is a New York Times best-selling author of 12 books on internet marketing

 Kevin Lao, Google

“87% of consumers do research before entering a store”

event-speaker-photo-kevin-lao“What you can do about this:

  • Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile usage (fast loading time, easy-to-use user interface, current promotions)
  • Claim your Google My Business listing and update your location and store information”

Kevin Lao is a sales strategy, enablement and insights expert for Google 

 Grant Freeman, Dex Media

“Don’t get lost in the cloud!”

Grant Freeman

“The cloud is a cluttered place. Any two people with an idea, a computer, and some skills can make the next cloud platform to help you run your business. But here’s the problem: To keep costs down, their business model requires tech-savvy business owners who can successfully manage their own systems. The reality is that most small businesses are going to need help.”

Grant Freeman is assistant vice president for sales training at Dex Media

Allen Klein, Bing

“Fundamentals are always relevant and useful.”

Allen Klein, Bing

“After running thousands of paid search campaigns, I always come back to ensuring that the basics are done correctly to ensure the success of your PPC campaigns. With the constantly increasing complexity of online advertising, it is essential to build the strong foundation.”

Allen Klein is a strategic strategic account executive for Microsoft Search Advertising (Bing)

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