While the history of Mother’s Day can be traced all the way back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece, in the twenty-first century, this holiday has become bigger than ever. In fact, in the United States Mother’s Day has emerged as the third largest holiday for consumer spending.

This infographic by The Trade Desk looks at 2016 Mother’s Day shopping trends across distinct geographical areas in the United States, looking at both the interests of the average shoppers and the top five most popular gifts. Here’s a roundup of its findings.

  • Midwest: In the Midwest, Mother’s Day shoppers are likely to be football fans, politically conservative, and outdoor enthusiasts, with the top gift being flowers, followed by desserts, greenery, décor, and perfumes.
  • Northeast: Northeastern Mother’s Day shoppers are likely to be travelers, Democrats, and physically active. The top gift in this region is gardening accessories, followed by décor, desserts, gift cards, and perfumes.
  • South: Southern shoppers looking for the perfect Mother Day gift tend to be video gamers, concert goers, and racing fans. The most popular gifts in this region for this year are gardening accessories, followed by spa days, décor, desserts, and perfumes.
  • West: In the West, the Mother’s Day consumer verticals included movie goers, beach lovers, and pet lovers. The most popular gift in this region is a spa day, followed by desserts, flowers, décor, and gardening accessories.

And see this infographic on the business of Mother’s Day from The Shelf.

Mothers Day Infographic from The Trade Desk