If your technicians lack the drive to wow customers, your current processes and a resistance to transform into a more digital business may be to blame. In fact, 90% of employees say they feel burdened with repetitive, mundane tasks that can easily be set to auto-pilot. 

While they may be considered tried-and-true, manual processes could be slowing down your business growth. Tap into technology to take over these three tasks and transform the productivity of your HVAC business.

Streamline Appointment Booking

Utilizing software for online booking is a saving grace for both staff and customers. Just as much as customers don’t like sitting on the phone to be serviced, your staff also gets slowed down when they could be knocking out other tasks.

Step one in creating a more digital business: An online scheduling system to streamline appointments. 

Implementing online appointment scheduling will:
  • Reduce the number of calls your office staff receives
  • Provide consistent upselling opportunities
  • Allow customers to book their appointment on their own

Provide Customer Details On-the-Go

If you already use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to store customer data and interactions, you’re a step ahead. But can your field workers pull that information when they need it? 

Yes, the office staff is there to help but they should not be the first (or only) choice. By having a CRM with mobile access, you reduced the paper documentation technicians need to go out into the field with confidence and reduce unexpected time-consuming roadblocks.

More importantly, if there’s a change, how quickly can you relay it to those field employees? They’ll want to know if their next stop called to push the appointment back before they take the drive across town, wasting their time and your money. So how will you message them?

Thryv’s new collaboration tool, TeamChat, allows for easy one-on-one and group messaging with staff members. Now, it’s easier and faster to communicate changes with your team. No need to interrupt their busy hands with a call.

Consider this a backup because appointment updates will go straight to their device if they have the Thryv mobile app installed with push notifications on.

Simplify Payments

The average small business waits 21 days to get paid. Who has that kind of time to wait when the cost of running a heating and cooling business is through the roof? No one.

Cut down on the time it takes to get paid. Part of becoming a more digital business is finding a reliable platform to conduct your entire estimate-to-payment process. By giving technicians the ability to draft an estimate from their phone or laptop, they’ll be able to prove your company is worth the hire.

With Thryv, estimates become invoices with just one click. And when the service is complete, an interactive payment button at the bottom of the invoice makes collecting payment a breeze.

73% of consumers say that when comparing two businesses, the type of payment options available will influence their final decision.

Thryv Payment Survey

If we’re being honest, getting paid quickly boils down to convenience. In addition to traditional payment methods, also offer more modern options, such as:

  • Online payment
  • Text-to-pay
  • Digital wallet
  • Consumer financing

You’re missing out on gaining loyal customers if you’re not offering diverse digital payment options.

By using software to create a more digital business, your company can run smoother and improve employee engagement while cutting manual tasks that slow down business.

If your HVAC company is ready to tap into the benefits of digitizing processes and so much more, get started with a zero-pressure demo.