With a “price extension” you can add to your Google ads (only on mobile) a neat little chart of 3 to 8 product or service names with prices—and as a bonus gobble up more real estate at the top of a mobile search page.

Google Mobile Ad Price ExtensionsSo think of a menu of services, like types of styling at a blow-dry bar, or a range of loss-leader products at a retail store. For temporary sales or events, you can set a timer on the extension. You might use prices to qualify customers, in other words head off phone calls asking about price on common items, so only more serious customers call.

A tap on the price takes the user to a relevant page on your website (and be sure your website is “mobile friendly” so the page is viewable on mobile). Google bills you the same for any tap on your ad, though it won’t charge you for more than two taps on price extensions per impression.

You can set price extensions on a campaign, account or ad group level but Google cautions to make sure that your keywords at any level line up with your price list; a search, for instance, for “luxury towels” should show prices just for towels, not sheets. Google won’t allow automatic keyword insertion programs on price extensions.

Price extensions are still rolling out so this may not have hit your account yet.

Read more from Google about use, requirements, and general info for price extensions, and see the announcement.

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