3 steps that can help you generate better leadsResearch has shown that the main issue facing small business owners in the current market is the lack of enough qualified prospects, which is often the result of not enough time or expertise in lead generation. However, following a few steps can help you obtain your best customers and increase your profits drastically.

Generate Leads with Direct Mail

In most cases, the fastest way to build your business is to target your best consumers with a “laser-focused” approach, which you can achieve through direct mail. In fact, this strategy alone has helped many businesses double their revenues in just 12-18 months. The best way to begin your reach with direct mail is to target your “dream clients,” those who will buy the most of what you offer, and make use of SuperMedia’s direct mail solutions.

Generate Leads with Advertising

According to studies, advertising motivates 50 percent of all purchase decisions and is one of the best tactics for generating leads. Additionally, advertising is a great way to build name recognition in the market, which can help you obtain publicity among consumers. Some tips to keep in mind when advertising include the following:

  • Placing your ads in the most targeted publications that your key consumers read
  • Using direct-response ads—asking your readers to respond for more information by phone, mail, or on your website
  • Having a follow-up system in place to obtain maximum results from your advertising dollars
  • Using a compelling headline that informs consumers about the most prominent benefits of your products or services
  • Making consumers an offer that they would be crazy to refuse so they will respond quickly

Generate Leads with Referrals

Referral marketing is one of the best ways to create a steady stream of prospects and clients, and, according to a recent Jupiter Media Metrix survey, referrals compel 70 percent of Internet users to visit new websites. Additionally, referral-generated customers are ultimately the most cost-efficient, profitable, and loyal source of business leads you can generate. Here are a few ways to obtain referrals:

  • Give your customers an incentive or more products or services in return for referring others to you
  • Create relationships with non-competitive companies and people who already serve your target market, collaborate with them, and have them automatically refer you to their client database

Putting some lead-generation systems in place is one of the fastest ways to not only increase your profits, but also ultimately build your company. However, keep in mind that the best results are typically obtained by a multi-product solution, so the more effort you put into attracting your best customers, the more likely they are to respond.