Engaging Customers On Your WebsitePerhaps the most important marketing tool a company has is its website. No matter how professional the design or informative the content is of your website, it’s possible you could still be missing its full potential. In fact, if you aren’t engaging customers on your website, you could be missing out on sales your business needs. Luckily, you can up the engagement factor on your site by tweaking your audio, visual and written elements.

Engaging customers through audio elements

Unless it’s a pop-up of a talking salesperson, most businesses don’t use this important element for engaging customers on their websites. Since no one likes getting busted for surfing the Internet at work, it isn’t a good idea to start music on your site without giving your visitor some kind of a warning. This doesn’t mean that all sound is bad though.

Your Contact and About pages are excellent places to add audio tracks. What better way for your potential customers to begin trusting you than by hearing about your business philosophy in your own words? Hearing your voice prior to meeting you can also help your first-time customers feel more at ease.

Engaging customers through visual elements

While the graphics on your site needn’t be flashy or elaborate, they should be of a high enough resolution that images aren’t blurry. This can send the message that you either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Neither are characteristics you want customers to associate with you.

Videos are perhaps even more effective than photos at engaging customers on your website. For instance, let’s say you own a gift shop and want to teach customers how to use the items you sell to create beautiful gift baskets. While you could write an article and post a few pictures of the steps, they simply can’t do justice to the project as a video does.

As an added bonus, making this kind of content available on your website can keep customers coming back, allowing them to see any strategically placed promotions on the webpage.

Engaging customers through written elements

Of course, you don’t want to completely neglect your website’s words just because they aren’t the sole draw to your site. An instructional video is only useful to people who are able to play it. You may want to consider providing the text of the video for those who need a quick reference while they’re away from their computer.

Also, don’t forget that the words you put on your site have the potential to draw people from the search engines. While it’s important to write for search engines to some degree, you don’t want to go overboard. Otherwise, your words won’t help with engaging customers to your website once they arrive.

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