Today, we’re going to talk about email marketing. If you’re picturing hours of copywriting, list management and that horrible moment of hitting send, you’re doing it wrong. There are ways to streamline your emails and avoid the headache.

Here’s how.

Scrub your contact list.

Ever heard the term “scrub” your contact list? That means cleaning up your database by removing incorrect, inconsistent or unused contacts and email addresses.

Best practices say to scrub your contact list at least every 3 months. And don’t forget to add in new contacts as often as possible!

Have templates on hand.

Putting together the emails you want to send is probably the hardest part. Overcome this hurdle by having 3-5 email templates on hand for your most common situations. Templates like:

  • A welcome email
  • A promotional email
  • A thank you email

Check out this blog for free email templates and more email marketing advice!

Invest in email automation.

Email automation isn’t just for big business marketers anymore. It’s great for things like:

  • Purchase confirmations
  • Birthday rewards
  • Cart abandonment reminders

And since they’re “automated,” you can set them and forget them.

And don’t forget!

Segment your messaging to target the right customers at the right time.
Use detailed reporting to understand which campaigns are successful and which aren’t.

Speaking of email automation tools, we know a great one.

Here’s what makes Thryv different.


  • Integrates with text/SMS marketing automation, so you can send campaigns out via both channels at once.
  • Has client info and message history in one, single view.
  • Helps you book more and sell more with compelling calls to action in every message