Your customers may be the heart of your company, but your employees are the muscles that make it move. Neglecting employee needs could lead to poor employee retention and the downfall of the company you worked hard to build.

Through effective employee management, you can keep your staff happy, on the right track and keep your business running.

Effective employee management isn’t about cracking the whip and forcing your employees to work harder or more efficiently. It’s about transforming your company’s work culture and discovering what works to flip underperformers into exceptional employees.

It’s time to learn how to help your teams blossom with a few management tips.

Manage Employee Productivity

Productivity is vital when trying to get the most out of a workday. Your employees can’t afford to waste time. Rather than have your employees spending hours on mundane tasks, transform how your team works by introducing new tools to make their job simpler. 

Implementing a CRM-centered software platform to manage clients and automate processes are great ways to free up employee time and even make checking in and out easier. With several CRMs on the market, researching your options is necessary.

Study your employees to discover which tasks are time-sucks, and then find a software platform that can provide solutions. Having these tools available will not only make your employees more productive, but also happier.

When choosing an end-to-end software platform for your company, keep in mind that having a 24/7 support service will help ease any learning curves.

Encourage a Positive Work Culture

Part of your job is to inspire your employees to be the best version of themselves. When you successfully do so, employees are happy and customer service flourishes. Ensure your employees you genuinely care about them and you’ll gain their loyalty.

Make a point to:

  • Acknowledging employee progress and celebrate milestones
  • Including employees in discussions that affect them
  • Encourage breaks regularly
  • Provide creative perks for work anniversaries
  • Take an interest in who your employees are
  • Allow flexibility in scheduling

These are a few easy-to-do practices that increase work-wellness in your company.

Schedule Accordingly

Imagine creating a schedule for your employees and suddenly two staff members inform you that you forgot about their off days and have them scheduled. Even worse, clients have already booked services.

Do you honor the time off and ask the clients to reschedule? Do you tell your employees that unfortunately now they have to work due to the conflict? It’s tough remembering to check multiple employee calendars just to create a functioning work schedule. But, you don’t have to go through the hassle.

With Thryv, you can have multiple staff account and sync your team’s calendars. You’ll be able to manage scheduling to avoid conflicts as well as over and underbooking.

When clients go to book an appointment on your website, on their time, they’ll be able to book with their desired staff member and you don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Set Challenges

Part of bringing the best out of your employees includes challenging them. By encouraging your employees to take more risks and try bigger projects, you stretch their minds, forcing them to work harder to complete the task while also being innovative in problem-solving.

When you spend time getting to know your employees, you’ll be able to challenge them where they need it. Delegate tasks to them that are out of their comfort zone. Often they want to, but the fear of failure prevents them from trying.

Be sure that this push is matched with guidance. Otherwise, they may waste an unnecessary amount of time figuring out what they should be doing. Checking in and asking questions is a great way to help guide them.

In the end, they’ll gain more confidence, and you’ll have someone on your staff who will help in fostering a culture of innovation.

Having effective employee management is crucial for your business and the teams within it. By keeping a productive and motivated staff, your business will run smoothly.

Your employees are one of your greatest assets. Continue to learn about your employees and adjust your management techniques.