Like many entrepreneurs, Ronni Wolverton turned her passion into a career. After working for years for other grooming businesses, she opened Diva Dogg Grooming in Providence, RI, and set her own path.

In just a few years, she’s grown to a team of seven groomers who shampoo, trim and bathe all sorts of four-legged furry friends. This military wife and mother of five kids and two rescue dogs needed help to streamline her business.

‘We weren’t being seen at all …’

Before subscribing to Thryv’s software, the team at Diva Dogg was tracking clients, appointments and payments in multiple apps. “It’s so much easier with Thryv,” says Ann Thornton, Diva Dogg’s office manager.

When scheduling a grooming appointment, she says it takes less than 2 minutes to pull up the calendar, pick a groomer who’s available that day and get a client on the books.

Plus, she says, they were able to build an online presence.

“Before Thryv, we weren’t being seen at all,” Ann says. “They actually started building us across all social media platforms, to where they were doing different social posts for us. If we’re running specials, we’re able to get it out there and give tips on there, we actually started growing with Thryv.”

For Ronni, the end-to-end software gives her time back in her day to focus on what she loves. “It helps me free my time so I can do more for the animals in my community,” she says.

To hear more about Diva Dogg Grooming, watch the video below.

Diva Dogg Grooming from Thryv on Vimeo.