Ever feel like winning a new customer is like going on a first date? And on that date, there are always those deal breakers that stop the relationship in its tracks. It’s different for everyone, but you know how it goes: Smoking is a deal breaker for some, and drinking is a deal breaker for others.

But we’re talking business, so let’s not make it personal. Even still, there are some factors that will turn off a new customer faster than a lingering obsession with your Beanie Babies collection (swipe left).

Today’s savvy customers have high expectations when it comes to dealing with your business. Customers expect you to remember who they are, what services they need and how they like to pay you. They need the ability to connect with you in middle of the night from their smartphone. They want to get messages from you at just the right moment.

Man, this is sounding like one of those needy relationships — but we promise that it’s worth it, and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Is your information and day-to-day business organized in a way that helps you meet these expectations? Here are three common small business organization deal breakers and how you can turn them into deal makers:

Deal breaker: You’re Never Available.

Deal maker: Online Appointment Setting.

Consumers expect to be able to set their appointments at any time of the day. They want to do this from their smartphones, without having to speak with anyone and without having to stop by your business. That’s where 24/7 online appointment setting sets your business apart.

If you can provide them easy access to your calendar through a client portal, and then allow them to pick a time and the service they need, you will have achieved #relationshipgoals. Learn more about Thryv’s convenient online appointment setting.

Deal breaker: You Stood Me Up.

Deal maker: Automated Reminders.

There is nothing more disappointing than missing a date … or an appointment. Your customers have the tool they need to ensure they never miss another meeting with you — their smartphone. And with Thryv, you have what you need: automated appointment reminders.

With handy reminder texts, they’ll never stand you up again (and with a centralized calendar, you’ll never forget that they’re on their way). Plus, with Thryv’s all-in-one calendar, you’ll be able to see all of your projects, your team members’ activity and your customer appointments on one dashboard.

Deal breaker: I Don’t Feel Special.

Deal maker: Personalized Emails and Texts.

Ever called a date by the wrong name? Ouch! Sending a “Dear Customer” email is just as bad. Using email software that doesn’t allow you to even customize the “first name” field should be a deal breaker from a business owner’s standpoint.

What if you could not only customize every message with your client’s first name, but also automatically send messages based on their interaction with you or special dates? Send a thank you after they leave, and a reminder to book their next appointment a week later. With Thryv’s marketing automation, you can send them through emails or texts.

With these tips, we’re sure you’ll score a second date!