For many parents, filling out financial aid paperwork is a terrifying task. It’s a trip into the unknown, with twists and turns and lots of form-phobia triggers. That’s why Robert Ruggerio started Navigate Financial Aid in Wilmington, Delaware, a resource for parents who need a roadmap to manage the costs of college.

His company’s website is a treasure trove of links for scholarships, forms and other resources. The site positions the company as a truly trusted resources for its prospects and customers.

In addition, the site makes it simple to schedule an appointment for consulting, make a payment, upload a form and more, which is all clickable from the home page. It’s the ideal combination of easy-to-access information paired with ease of use for his customers.

With his website capabilities, Rob’s team has created an online experience that builds confidence in the parents who need his help.

“To set an appointment with Navigate Financial Aid, you don’t have to call me and ask me what my schedule looks like,” Rob says. Simply click the calendar icon, which takes you to an online scheduler with available appointment times.

The Switch to Digital

The team at Navigate Financial Aid wasn’t always quite so tech savvy. For instance, managing paperwork for their customers was, well, a lot of paperwork. The switch to digital utilizing an updated system would resolve a lot of paper waste and fine-tune the team’s processes.

They needed one place to store client information and process all that paperwork. So they moved their manual process to Thryv.

“Everything is included in the Thryv system,” Rob says. “We can process faster, we can access faster, and we’re organized through this process.”

Now, utilizing Thryv’s CRM, online payments and the client portal, Rob and his team can:

  • Manage more than 75% of their business online
  • Create ease and confidence with staff and client communications
  • Track everything in one place for payments, documents and appointments

Watch the video below to learn more about his digital transformation:

Are You Tech Savvy, too?

Whether you offer one-on-one consulting like Rob or you have a brick-and-mortar storefront, digital capabilities, such as online scheduling and payments can not only make your life easier, but also make you easier to do business with, from your customer’s perspective. Here are just a few ways:

  • Reach more customers: Manage your online presence so you can stand out from the crowd and watch your leads grow
  • Stay organized: Keep all your customers’ information in one central location, then you can power up that database with ongoing communication
  • Get paid faster: Create estimates, invoices and reminders in one place, and then accept payments instantly

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