Looking for ways to get more time back in your day? Returning phone calls and emails, invoicing and other paperwork can add hours onto your work week.

Here are four ways to save time on these tasks every week with do-it-all contractor software:

Set Up Online Appointment Setting

Allowing customers to book an appointment or consultation online saves not only time, but frees you from phone tag, as well. By adding appointment setting to your website, they can book without having to contact your team. Plus, you can reduce appointment no-shows by automating appointment reminders.

Offer Digital Payment Options

This saves time on a variety of tasks. If you allow your customers to pay by credit, debit, Apple Pay or Google Wallet, you’ll be saving the time it takes to run to the bank to deposit checks. Not to mention the headache associated with non-sufficient fee scenarios.

Plus, if you’ve already got your customer’s payment information securely in your system, they can simply approve a payment with a tap on their phone. And you get paid immediately.

Modern Small Business Playbook

It’s time to renovate your business and beat the competition.

Streamline Your Social Media

Posting before-and-after photos is a great way to show off your work to a larger audience. However, stopping in the middle of your busy day to post is disruptive. Instead, use a single dashboard that brings all your social media channels to one place and schedule those posts all at once.

Do-it-All Contractor Software

Use one tool that combines your customer data, estimates, invoices, payments, customer communication, team conversations, social media and more.

With just one login to do all of these tasks. That means you’ll save tons of time by not having to jump from multiple apps or platforms — and have to remember all those passwords!

These are just a few ways using an do-it-all small business software platform can save you time every day. Watch the video below to see how Thryv helped Handy MAPS Construction streamline their day-to-day workflows: