Another social media app? I can hear your collective sighs. But hear me out: Clubhouse is one place you want to be, especially if you love talk radio or podcasts. And if you do, I’ve got three Clubhouse rooms for small businesses that you should join whenever you’ve got time to tune in.

How Does Clubhouse Work?

If you haven’t ventured into Clubhouse yet, here’s a quick overview: First, it’s still invite-only and iOS (iPhone) only. When you join, you can enter whichever rooms you’d like, and listen to the conversations going on in real time. You can set up your interests and preferences and request to join various clubs.

It’s still narrowly focused, in terms of functionality, however, the Clubhouse team has added some new features that allow you to share your profile link, add sessions to your calendar or accept tips (the $$ kind) through your profile page.

Once you’re in a room, you’ll be in the audience area at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see people at the top of the screen with green circles, and those are the room moderators. Others at the top of the page are on “the stage,” and will be able to speak in the room. The current person speaking will have a gray border around their profile image.

The moderators have all of the control and can bring people on stage or kick them out of the room. They also navigate the conversations and (hopefully) enforce proper conversation etiquette.

Ready to put your “radio voice” to work? Virtually raise your hand so a moderator can bring you on stage and give you a mic. Tip: If you want to get on stage, opt for smaller rooms!

What Are Clubhouse Rooms?

Clubhouse room topics are as diverse as you can imagine — from entrepreneurship and social media tips to live music, comedy and dating advice. I’ve hung out in rooms with topics that literally go on for hours.

Some rooms will surprise you with famous folks, such as the stars from Shark Tank, who were some early adopters and helped create the buzz for the app.

I’ve also made several professional connections by messaging them through their other profiles, such as Instagram or Twitter. Active Clubhouse members are eager to start conversations and love to connect.

When getting started, hop into a Clubhouse HQ room to learn the ropes. Then, you’ll want to check out these three Clubs that every small business should join:

Breakfast with Champions – Millionaire Breakfast Club. Start your day with about 60,000 other followers who enjoy good vibes, excellent business advice and inspiration. The group focuses on a variety of topics, such as social media tips. It’s a diverse and highly motivational group. You’ll leave smiling and feeling like you made new friends. There are always new people on the stage to hear from, who share a wide variety of experiences.

The Small Business Network. Rooms in this network give small business owners the opportunity to ask questions, meet coaches, share ideas and get inspired. There are lots of marketing-related chats to help small businesses get the most out of their marketing dollars and time.

Felicia’s Virtual Dinner Parties. No date night plans? No worries. Felicia Horowitz has you covered. Every Saturday at 5 p.m. she invites the top names in science, business, politics, entertainment and more to keep you company (a few nights ago, we got to hang out with MC Hammer and Gayle King).

Are you already a Clubhouse pro? Which other business clubhouse rooms are you hanging out in these days? Tell us in the comments below!