If you ask Michael Burrows, founder of Beyond Aquatics in Tennessee, he’ll tell you he went into business to help people. And for him, keeping his customers happy (and opening their second location) feels like small business success.

But it’s not just Burrows’ passion for aquatic exercise that has made his business so successful. It’s consistent communication with contacts, leads and clients that keeps them coming back. The Beyond Aquatics team actually uses Thryv’s all-in-one software to manage their communications and so much more.

When we asked Burrows about how they use Thryv most, he said, “Thryv helps me communicate better to my customers with our scheduler and campaigns.” And he’s right. In fact, Beyond Aquatics uses Thryv so well they recently earned the High Thryv Award.

Using small business software like Thryv is smart. Thryv combines your various touch points into one view, from one login, so businesses like Beyond Aquatics gain the ability to keep conversations that could turn into deals from slipping through the cracks.

How Beyond Aquatics uses Thryv to communicate is even smarter. Here are some top business communications tips from Thryv super user, Beyond Aquatics.

They use one screen, instead of one hundred.

If you looked at the communications channels you use to get in touch with contacts, leads and customers, how many would you estimate you use in total? Exactly how many applications do you have to log into, and passwords do you have to remember to stay on top of every conversation?

About 82% of business owners say they use multiple platforms to communicate about and market their business.

But if you’ve ever missed an email or text message because you were too busy running your business to log into each and every communications channel you use, that’s a serious problem.

Beyond Aquatics realized this, and they cracked the code. They use Thryv’s centralized dashboard to handle their text and email communications. Not only that, they use the same tool to manage and reply to form fills from their website and online presence.

Check it out.

They use their contact data to guide conversations.

Average email service providers and text messaging providers built their tools to help you communicate back and forth. But when you’re managing more than one conversation, the details of who contacted you, and for what, can get lost.

You could spend hours scrolling back through older conversations in an attempt to remember what each individual truly wants from your business.

Since their communications tools are integrated with their customer relationship management (CRM) system, Beyond Aquatics doesn’t waste precious time scrolling through old conversations. They use custom fields and notes they store for each contact to guide their conversations and provide personalized experiences for each consumer they communicate with.

They think outside the daily grind.

When you’re focused on the day-to-day tasks of running your business, it can be hard to dedicate time to new promotions and campaigns that could attract new customers and clients.

Beyond Aquatics uses business automation to handle those everyday tasks. Then, to grow their membership and revenue, they spend that time building new campaigns that promote their classes and services. These have been so effective for them that they recently opened their second location in Tennessee and have steadily grown their number of active community members in just 4 years in business.

How’d they do it?

Since they’re spending less time juggling the back-and-forth conversations that would otherwise be happening in multiple channels outside of Thryv, they have more time to spend generating campaigns that make them money. They even include coupons to create urgency with their target audiences.