Now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted, you’re busier than ever. It’s a welcome feeling compared to just a year and a half ago. However, managing a hectic workload can seem nearly impossible; especially when it comes to streamlining customer interactions.

With Thryv you can simultaneously improve the customer experience while adding a little time back into your day-to-day.

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Free communication software to help you save time and resources.

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Save Time By Managing All Your Online Listings at Once

Keeping all of your online listings consistent and up to date is an important part of your business’s digital strategy. According to the Local Search Association, nearly 80% of consumers say incorrect information listed on online directories would stop them from using a local business. Yikes.

Unfortunately, updating each of those listings whenever there is a change in hours or contact information can be a burden. With Thryv, you can keep all your listings fresh right from your dashboard thanks to the Yext Advanced app in the Thryv App Market.

Yext Advanced is a free app that comes with your Thryv account. It lets you look at every aspect of your online listings, including:

  • Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph dashboard allows users to review the information in your online listings.
  • Listings. The Listings dashboard provides an in-depth view of all your listings to make sure they’re displaying the correct information.
  • Analytics. The Analytics dashboard provides summaries about your listings that you can configure and export. Reports include Listing Profile Views and Google View on Search and Maps.

In addition to managing all of your listings with Thryv, you can also make posts directly to your Google My Business (GMB) listing from the Google My Business dashboard. Posts allow you to keep your customers up to date on special deals or updates letting them know about longer than usual wait times due to high demand.

Gain Phone Freedom with Automation

Does your business still rely on customers calling in during business hours to book an appointment? You’re not alone. For 46% of professionals, the phone is their main form of providing support to their customers. Sounds like it’s time to automate. Your team is too valuable to spend all day answering the phone and calling to remind clients of their upcoming appointments.

By allowing your customers to book appointments online you aren’t only saving time for your team but providing patrons a better customer experience. How? Simply by allowing customers to book on their own time. Case in point, 40% of appointments are booked after business hours and 60% of people felt booking over the phone was an inconvenience.

Plus, with Thryv, not only can you enable customers to book appointments online you can also set up automated SMS text message reminders to help cut down on no-show appointments by almost 30%.

Automating this portion of your business is really a win-win for you and your clients.

Consolidate Customer Communications

Customer communication is a never-ending process. And unfortunately, your clientele probably has different preferences on how to reach you, such as by phone, email, SMS text or social media.

That’s why it’s important to enable them to communicate with you how they want to. I know you’re thinking, “Hold up, isn’t this blog about making my life easier?” And it is – within the Thryv dashboard you can consolidate all communications with your clients – no matter how they contact you.

By overseeing every conversation with a client in one inbox, you never miss a beat. Plus, you save time. Rather than hopping back and forth from your email to online inquiries, to text conversations, Thryv keeps everything nice and tidy for you.

In addition to managing your conversations, you can keep customers engaged (with little work on your part) by automating your messaging:

Regular communication with your patronage is a major factor in developing loyal customers, but it shouldn’t feel like extra work. Automation is a pivotal way to connect with your clients in an authentic way without adding to your workload.

Streamline Payments with ThryvPay

Did you know that 39% of small businesses spend five hours or more per week managing payment issues? I am going to take a wild guess and say that you’d rather be spending your valuable time working with your clients.

ThryvPay can help alleviate some of that time spent chasing down payments by:

  • Allowing you to request payments via SMS text messaging.
  • Creating scheduled payments, recurring memberships, and installment plans for your clients.
  • Keeping credit card and bank account information on file for secure, automated payments.
  • Auto-syncing ThryvPay to QuickBooks for easy reconciliation.

By streamlining the payment process and making it easy for your customer, you can spend less time chasing down payments and spend more time providing high-quality service. For those of you who aren’t Thryv users (yet), get your toes wet with the new ThryvPay Mobile App. This is the only payment provider designed specifically for service-based small businesses.

We know you’ll never really complain about too much work coming in. It truly is a good thing! But we understand that sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to keep your head above water – which is overwhelming. Our goal here at Thryv is to help make managing your workload a little easier. But most importantly, we want you to remember, you’ve got this!

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Email and Text Templates to Ask for Missing Payments

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