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10 Blog Ideas to Kickstart Your Writing

By | 06.04.12
10 Blog Ideas to Kickstart Your Writing

What to write?You have tons of great information in your head and a blank page to fill. The cursor is blinking and it seems impossible to get what’s in your head onto your blog. Here are 10 great ways to present your information that will help you organize your thoughts into useful chunks of information for your readers.

  1. You know your customers. You solve problems for them and meet their needs every day. How about a post about the most common issues your customers have and how you solve them?
  2. Similarly, you hear the same questions over and over from customers and prospective customers. A blog post with your customers’ Frequently Asked Questions is always a great idea.
  3. Every industry has jargon and acronyms that the average lay-person is probably not familiar with. A post with definitions would be some welcome information to your readers.
  4. Don’t be afraid to give your readers some tips or DIY information. Instead of making your services unnecessary, this can establish you as an “expert” in the eyes of your readers and actually encourage them to turn to you for help.
  5. Another way to establish your expertise is to write about news and trends in your industry. What’s the new hot thing? What trends are you seeing in your local area?
  6. Do you have any new services or products to talk about? Explain what it is, how you decided to add it to your list of offerings, and what it means to your customers.
  7. A Top 10 List. About anything. (Or Top 5, or The 8 Best…)
  8. If your business lends itself to Before and After photos, this is a sure winner. Yes, you should add photos to your blog posts, but you can have a blog post about your photos too.
  9. You can use your smart phone’s video function and make a short video introducing your staff, or showing what goes on “behind the scenes” on a typical day in your business.
  10. Ask a question and/or set up a poll so people can quickly and easily “vote” their answers. You should allow comments/questions on your blog and get some inspiration from what your readers are writing about.

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