How to hire and keep employees at your small business in one of the toughest labor markets in history.

In this webinar, Kevin O’ Connor takes a deep dive into the current state of the labor market and the skills gap, he’ll dig into the structural challenges unique to the contracting and home services industries, and he’ll share stories of success and failure that will help small business owners better understand how to recruit and retain employees so their companies can compete and grow.

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor

Host, This Old House

Kevin O’Connor is the Emmy-award winning host of the PBS series This Old House and Ask This Old House and has been on the shows since 2003. He also hosted shows for Roku, the DIY network, and The History Channel. Kevin is the author of The Best Homes of This Old House, serves on the editorial board of This Old House Magazine, and hosted Clearstory, a top-ranked podcast.

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