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You only pay processing fees on completed transactions — which you can offset with an optional fixed convenience fee.

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Here’s the top payment processing questions, answered.

Are there benefits of offering both ACH and Credit card processing? Yes, enjoy the benefits of both by offering your customers the flexibility for payment preference. You can also determine when you want to offer your customers the option to pay via ACH or Credit Card, based on transaction.

What are the competitive ThryvPay® processing fees? Credit card processing rates at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for major credit regardless if paid by invoice or keyed. ACH rates are a minimum of $1.00 or 1% up to maximum of $9.00.

What’s included with scheduled payments? Utilize recurring payments allow you to charge monthly, weekly or quarterly, installments allow for partial payments on large sums, and memberships allow for monthly or advanced payments generating customer loyalty.

Do all transactions offer next day funding? Any transaction processed by Credit Card with Plaid made prior to 6 pm will be funded the next business day. Transactions completed after 6 pm will be included in the next day’s total.

What are the monthly fees associated with ThryvPay? None. With ThryvPay you only pay processing fees on completed transactions.

Why opt-in to Plaid with ACH payments? Plaid makes it faster and easier to set up bank payments through a flow designed with the user experience and security in mind. Plaid instantly authenticates and validates your customers bank account and available funds.

Can a convenience fee be charged with transactions? Yes, you can charge an optional fixed fee convenience fee when your customer’s pay online with a credit card.