Small business website package

Improve your online presence with a small business website package

In a marketplace that’s dominated by social media, you may feel you don’t need a professional website for your small business. In fact, 28% of small businesses don’t have a website, with most relying solely on their social media accounts to promote their business. Yet, when your business lacks a website – or when your site feels unprofessional – your credibility with customers can take a hit. After all, a website is like your virtual storefront, and it’s one of biggest factors for customers as they decide whether they can trust you or not.

However, building your own small business website can be quite a challenge. Creating a website requires a unique combination of skills – design, copywriting, search engine optimization and digital marketing expertise, to name a few. That’s why so many business owners choose small business website packages that deliver turnkey website services for an affordable price.

As a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses, Thryv offers small business website packages that provide everything you need to get a professional site that’s optimized for sales and search engine rankings. With Thryv, you can stay focused on running your business while letting an expert team build and manage your professional-looking site.

Creating a successful website

There are a lot of elements that contribute to a successful small business website.

  • Design for mobile first. Since so many users access websites on a mobile phone or tablet, every website today must be built to look good on a mobile device. Sites should be built with adaptive-responsive design to ensure that pages will render beautifully no matter what size of screen the viewer is using.
  • Use intuitive navigation. Visitors to your site want to find information fast. If your navigation is confusing or clunky, they are likely to abandon your site quickly.
  • Keep content simple and uncluttered. Don’t make the mistake of overloading pages with too much information. This makes pages hard to read and may push users away.
  • Build pages that load quickly. Most users will leave a site that loads too slowly. Make sure your site runs smoothly by optimizing images and videos for faster downloads and using a web host that can deliver the bandwidth you need.
  • Write compelling calls to action. Every page of your site should encourage the viewer to do something like book an appointment, download a white paper, capture a coupon, sign up for a newsletter or buy a product.
  • Sell the benefits. To convince visitors that they need your products and services, it’s important to sell the benefits rather than focus solely on features.
  • Use SEO best practices. Optimizing your site for search engines will improve your rankings and ensure that customers will have an easy time finding your site.
  • Make contact information prominent. Don’t make visitors click a link or scroll to find your contact information. Place it prominently on the first screen a user sees when landing on your site.

These best practices – and many others – are essential to ensuring a positive experience for customers. Yet, as a small business owner, you may feel you have the time or the skills to build a website that incorporates each of these suggestions. That’s where a small business website package from Thryv can help.

Small business website packages from Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all business management platform with powerful solutions to automate and streamline nearly every aspect of running a small business. Thryv’s small business website package provides an integrated software solution that successfully showcases your products and services to capture more attention and business.

Thryv’s small business website development includes:

  • A responsive design. With Thryv, your site will look great no matter how customers view it – on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Professional copywriting. Our team will develop messages that tell your story and grab the attention of the people you want to reach.
  • A gallery of images. Your site will be populated with photos and visuals that help customers create a more personal connection with your business.
  • Calls to action. Thryv’s small business website package can help you increase conversions with clear, concise and attention-grabbing call-to-action buttons.
  • Social media links. Icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram will help drive more customers to your social media accounts.
  • Contact forms. Intuitive contact forms let customers enter contact information, book appointments, and access coupons and gated content.
  • Animation. Elements like sliders, video backgrounds, entrance animations and page transitions elevate the visual appeal of your site.
  • SEO. Thryv’s small business website package includes search engine optimization to improve your rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other sites.
  • Web hosting and web domains. Whether you’re setting up a new domain or using one you already own, Thryv can take the headache out of registering and hosting.

The Thryv small business management platform

Along with a small business website package, Thryv delivers comprehensive tools to help you run and grow your business.

With Thryv Command Center, you can centralize all communications and effortlessly stay in touch with customers and team members.

  • A centralized inbox combines messages from all channels – email, social, SMS text, DM and more – to simplify communication and provide a single view of all interactions across channels with each customer.
  • A business phone line streamlines voice and video calls with customers and contacts.
  • Voicemail transcriptions delivered to your central inbox allow you to easily access customer information and details.

In Thryv Business Center, you’ll find everything you need to streamline daily business operations.

  • Appointment scheduling software lets customers go online 24/7 to view your availability and book or request appointments at their convenience, reducing the time you spend answering calls and playing phone tag.
  • Invoicing software lets you create and send interactive estimates and invoices that customers can view, approve and pay online.
  • CRM solutions combine customer lists and data into a single database that helps automate customer communications.
  • Review management solutions provide instant notifications when new reviews are posted and help you respond quickly to customer comments.
  • Document management software provides tools for online document signing, sharing and storage.
  • A customer portal provides a secure place for customers to access self-service options, view account details, upload and download documents and communicate with staff.

With Thryv Marketing Center, you can easily create and manage impactful marketing campaigns.

  • Marketing automation tools let you create trigger-based email and text campaigns to reach each customer with the optimal message at the best time.
  • Advertising tools provide templates for creating high-performing ads in minutes.
  • AI-powered analytics deliver easy-to-understand insights to help refine marketing campaigns and find more customers online.
  • Online presence tools enhance your Google Business Profile and other online listings to help customers and prospects find you.
  • Small business social media management tools let you post content to major social sites from one location and build social media content in minutes with easy-to-use templates.

Why Thryv

Thryv is trusted by tens of thousands of small business owners to manage their most important business processes. Thryv’s do-it-all small business platform offers solutions to improve organization, streamline communication, and grow the business more efficiently.

Thryv is the only small business platform that offers unlimited support 24/7 from specialists who are experts both in managing small businesses and solving technical issues. During set up, Thryv experts populate each software solution with the business’ information and set up all the important and relevant features. Thryv’s team of client success partners works around the clock to ensure customers get the most out of Thryv subscriptions.

Small business website package FAQs

Your small business website package questions, answered.

What is a small business website package?

A small business website package is a collection of turnkey services for creating and hosting a website. Small business website packages may include design services, domain name registration, web hosting, copywriting services, website maintenance, security features, search engine optimization services and e-commerce integration.

What are the advantages of a small business website package?

Many small businesses find that the task of building and maintaining a website with DIY tools is overwhelming. Small business website packages provide an affordable alternative for producing a well-designed and highly functional website.