Small business social media management

How to simplify small business social media management

Social media is an essential tool for every small business today. Since studies show that approximately 200 million social media users visit at least one business profile every dayi, social media is a great way to reach your customers where they live. Effective social media management can help you build awareness of your business, create trust with new prospects and nurture relationships with your existing customers.

To capture the attention of social media users, however, you’ll need to constantly create and post fresh content on the right social platforms at times most likely to reach your target audience. That’s a tall order when you’ve got a million other things on your to do list.

That’s where Thryv can help. As a do-it-all small business management app, Thryv delivers powerful tools for small business social media management that help you connect with your customers on the platforms they visit most often.

The benefits of social media for small businesses

Social media delivers some pretty big benefits for small businesses.

  • Brand awareness. As more users view, like and share your content, the algorithms on social platforms share your social content with their friends and family as well. The right small business social media management tools can help you create content and time your posts to reach larger audiences of prospective customers.
  • Inexpensive advertising. There are no direct costs involved in posting social content – the only thing you must commit is your time. You’ll have to pay to advertise on social platforms, but these costs are relatively low compared to other types of advertising. And because advertising on social platforms lets you narrowly target your ads, you can maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.
  • Customer insights. As a form of digital marketing, social platforms capture a great deal of data about your customers and prospects. By analyzing this information, you can better understand the types of content and messages that appeal to your prospects, enabling you to make smarter decisions about your social media and marketing efforts.
  • Social proof. The stronger your social presence, the more credibility you build with customers and prospects. When users interact with your posts and like your content, prospective customers are more likely to view your business as trustworthy.
  • Competitive intelligence. One of the best ways to stay on top of what your competitors are doing is to monitor their social media accounts. The right small business social media management tools automate these tasks to help you glean competitive intelligence more efficiently.
  • Web traffic. Social media posts can be a great way to send visitors directly to your website. By introducing products and services, promoting content available on your site or engaging with customers and including links, you can direct customers and prospects to your website where you can move them through your sales funnel more effectively.

Small business social media management with Thryv

Thryv offers end-to-end solutions that help small businesses find customers faster, manage day-to-day workflows and grow the business more rapidly. From online invoicing and appointment booking services to automated marketing and document storage management, Thryv provides comprehensive tools accessible from anywhere via a single login.

Thryv’s small business social media management tools can help you enhance your marketing efforts by streamlining the tasks of developing content, generating posts, tracking metrics and analyzing customer data.

Simplify social media management
A unified dashboard makes it easy to connect your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, allowing you to post to all your accounts from one place. With a single click, you can post content, photos, links and videos to all your pages or to a limited set of accounts.

Schedule your posts
Thryv’s small business social media management tools let you post content immediately or create posts at your convenience and schedule them to be posted later on the channels you choose. Thryv can even identify the best times for posting content on each channel to maximize visibility.

Create fresh content easily
Thryv offers a library of templates and pre-written posts that you can easily personalize. This feature makes it easy to deliver a steady stream of compelling content, even when you feel you’ve run out of things to say. Thryv can also analyze the social media content of your competitors to help you determine which topics and what messages will best keep your business in the mix.

Monitor your metrics
View metrics such as views, likes, shares and reach to see which posts and what kinds of content perform best. Thryv’s dashboard reveals when each social platform’s users are online, so you can see the best time of day to post your content.

Benefit from full-service social
Thryv’s full-service social upgrade gives you access to content specialists who can bring more expertise to your social efforts. Engage your fans and followers with comments and replies built by Thryv’s team so you can stay focused on other business priorities.

What to expect from the Thryv platform

The Thryv platform delivers all the features and capabilities you need to manage your small business more efficiently.

  • An end-to-end solution. In addition to small business social media management tools, Thryv’s comprehensive technology includes marketing automation, review monitoring software, CRM tools, electronic signatures, invoicing software, a centralized communications inbox, marketing campaign management tools, a small business website package and real-time analytics and AI-powered recommendations for improving marketing efforts.
  • Integrated tools. With Thryv’s comprehensive platform, you never have to worry about getting your software tools to work together or share data. Additionally, Thryv integrates seamlessly with the tools you’re already using – everything from QuickBooks and Gmail to Constant Contact, PayPal, Indeed and many others.
  • One login, one dashboard. With Thryv, you’ll never again have to spend the day logging in to numerous applications with multiple passwords or copying and pasting data from one platform to the next.
  • Access from anywhere. As a cloud-based platform, Thryv lets you and your employees access small business social media management tools and other solutions wherever you need them, on any device – smart phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.
  • Unlimited support. Thryv’s unmatched commitment to service includes unlimited, 24/7 support from specialists who have both technical savvy and small business experience.
  • Exceptional security. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls keep your documents, your data and your customer information safe and secure.

Why Thryv?

Thryv provides everything small businesses need to stay organized, manage operations efficiently and grow the business more easily. Tens of thousands of small business owners trust Thryv to deliver cutting-edge technology, superior security and exceptional customer service.

Along with comprehensive tools for running a small business, Thryv offers free tools such as an invoice template, payment savings calculator, review link generator and online experience scan. A free mobile app makes Thryv’s tools available on your smart phone or tablet. You’ll also find a wealth of informational and educational material on the Thryv website, including blogs, podcasts, webinars, articles, guides and how-to videos that offer helpful advice on managing your small business and getting the most from your Thryv subscription.


Small business social media management FAQs

Your small business social media management questions, answered.

What are small business social media management tools?

Small business social media management is the task of creating and posting content to social media accounts and interacting with prospects and customers who engage with social content. Social media management tools help small businesses manage the many tasks of producing content more easily.

Why is social media important for small business?

Social media is an important marketing channel for small businesses, since approximately 72% of the public use some form of social mediaii, and more than 40% of local businesses depend on social media to drive revenue.iii