Small Business Customer Relationship Management Software

Choosing small business customer relationship management software

At a time when customers have more choices than ever, your customer relationship management (CRM) software can make or break your business. Carefully nurturing leads and customers is essential to building a healthy customer base. But in the middle of a busy week, it can be hard to find the time to regularly thank customers, remind them of other products and services they may like, and check in to make sure they’re satisfied. The right small business CRM software can help by automating these tasks and freeing up your time to manage other important aspects of your business.

When you’re looking for small business customer relationship management software that will integrate easily with other business tools, Thryv can help. As a do-it-all business management platform, Thryv offers automated customer relationship software that does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to taking care of customers.

The benefits of CRM software

Small business customer relationship management software can deliver serious benefits for you and your customers.

Customer awareness
Perhaps the greatest benefit of small business customer relationship management software is gaining visibility into who is actually buying your products and services. These details can help you refine your marketing efforts to identify and reach new prospects who are most likely to become customers.

Greater customer satisfaction
Aside from satisfaction surveys, which can be unreliable, tracking customer satisfaction can be difficult. CRM software meets this challenge by delivering visibility into the buying habits and interactions with each customer over time. Positive changes suggest greater satisfaction, while identifying negative changes gives you the opportunity to reach out with a personalized message to see what’s up.

Increased retention
CRMs automate the kind of regular communication that keeps customers coming back. Regular appointment reminders, weekly specials, personalized birthday messages and post-purchase surveys can all help happy customers to stay that way.

Easier communication
With the right small business customer relationship management software, you can integrate your CRM activities with invoicing, appointment scheduling and marketing automation tools for small business. With every point of contact managed from the same dashboard, communication with your customers becomes a lot simpler.

Testing opportunities
Segmentation capabilities within your CRM allow you to test messages and offers to see what resonates most with different customer segments.

Small business customer relationship management software from Thryv

Thryv’s software solutions deliver everything you need to organize your work and run your business more efficiently. From tools for finding customers and streamlining workflows to processing payments and improving small business customer service, Thryv’s end-to-end platform helps transform your business into a well-oiled machine.

Thryv’s small business customer relationship management software provides all the features and capabilities you need to nurture relationships with leads and clients.

A customizable view of your client base
Thryv keeps all the details about your customers in one place, centralizing data and making it available to your invoicing, marketing, scheduling and communications software. With Thryv, custom fields let you tailor how you organize your customer lists and find, filter, tag and track your contacts.

Automated nurture campaigns
Thryv’s email and text marketing technology lets you set up communication campaigns to automatically engage and nurture contacts and customers. After you set up your campaigns, Thryv will automatically send appointment and payment reminders, birthday greetings, personalized offers and promotions, and follow-up messages that build customer trust and loyalty.

Data enrichment technology
The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve and market to them. Thryv’s automatic data enrichment searches the internet for public information about your contacts and pulls in additional details from social profiles, photos and more.

A seamless online experience
With a dedicated online portal from Thryv, you can give your customers a secure place to log in and access self-service options. Customers can use your portal to securely send messages, schedule appointments, share documents, make payments, view their account information and track credits on packages of services they’ve purchased.

What else can you do with Thryv?

In addition to customer management software for small business, Thryv offers a broad array of services designed to help you manage your business more easily and efficiently.

Enhance your online presence
With Thryv, you can upload your business information once and have it automatically posted to 40+ trusted listing sites online. Thryv synchronizes your details across all websites to improve confidence in your business with search engines and customers. Thryv’s small business website designers can also create or show you how to build a business website that will attract more customers and increase revenue.

Simplify social media
When you can’t find the time to post content on social media, Thryv lets you create content in advance and schedule it to be posted later. Thryv can even identify the times when your posts will gain maximum visibility and post them automatically.

Streamline communication
Use a centralized inbox for all email, text and social communications. Reach customers on the channels they prefer while viewing and managing all communication with clients in a single thread.

Allow customers to book their own appointments
Thryv’s online appointment scheduling technology lets your customers go online at their convenience to request or book appointments, freeing you from answering the phone all day. Thryv syncs your office calendars so you’re never overbooked.

Eliminate paper clutter
Thryv’s online document storage and sharing solution puts an end to clutter. Securely request, store and share documents online, editing and collaborating on files while never losing track of the most recent version.

Get paid sooner
Send out estimates, quotes and invoices online, allowing customers to approve and pay them online as well. Customers will love having more ways to pay, and you’ll love getting paid faster.

Automate email and text marketing campaigns
Thryv’s marketing automation technology lets you set up trigger-based campaigns to automatically communicate with prospects and customers, automatically sending the best message at the right time.

Manage your business reputation online
Automatically request reviews from customers at the best times and get notified when they post on top sites. Thryv’s online reputation management services can help you respond to reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook within one business day, even if you don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself.

Why Thryv?

Thryv’s cloud-based platform delivers essential features and capabilities for managing a small business.

  • A do-it-all solution. With Thryv, all the tools you need are available on one easy-to-use platform you can access with one login. That means you’ll never have to spend the day logging into multiple solutions over and over.
  • Seamless integration. Thryv‘s software ensures that the data you enter in one application is available in every other solution. Thryv also integrates easily with the tools you already use – Gmail, QuickBooks, PayPal, Square and many others – so you don’t have to give up what’s already working as you add Thryv’s technology to your workflow.
  • Access everywhere. Thryv lets you and your team access business tools whenever and wherever you need them, using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop.
  • Exceptional support and service. Thryv offers unlimited, unmatched 24/7 support from specialists who have both business know-how and technical expertise. Flexible training and hands-on onboarding let you and your employees get up to speed fast. In-app chat, tips, videos and guides let everyone learn at their own pace.
  • Strong security. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access ensure the safety and security of your documents, your data and your customer information.

Small Business Customer Relationship Management Software FAQs

Your small business customer relationship management software questions, answered.

What is customer relationship management software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses to manage and improve relationships with prospects and customers. CRM software tracks every conversation, interaction, purchase, order and other information about customers, helping businesses to better understand the customer experience. CRM technology can also help to build stronger relationships by automating regular communication with customers.

What is small business customer relationship management software?

Small business customer relationship management software is designed for the needs of small businesses rather than larger companies and enterprises. Enterprise CRM solutions tend to be highly complicated and very expensive, requiring teams of business specialists and IT professionals to manage them. Small business CRM solutions are easy to use and can be set up and operated by personnel with little knowledge of CRM technology.