Marketing automation platform

A marketing automation platform for small business

Most small business owners assume that a marketing automation platform is a technology reserved for larger businesses. But with advances in cloud-based software, even solo practitioners can take advantage of powerful marketing automation services.

With the right platform, you can automate many of the crucial but time-consuming tasks involved in executing marketing campaigns and communicating with customers via text and email. This type of automated customer engagement can save you and your staff tons of time. But it also ensures you’re reaching each customer at the best time with a message that’s personalized for their interests and purchase history. Ultimately, a marketing automation platform makes it easier to nurture customer relationships, build customer loyalty and boost your sales and revenue.

Thryv offers an easy-to-use marketing automation platform as part of an all-in-one solution for small business management. With Thryv, you get all the tools you need to automate tasks, streamline workflows and run your business with greater efficiency and organization.

Ways to automate marketing tasks

A marketing automation platform like Thryv can automate a wide range of tasks and workflows. For example, marketing automation may allow you to:

  • Automatically send a welcome email to first-time customers or to everyone who signs up for your mailing list.
  • Send birthday and anniversary greetings to customers.
  • Follow up with every customer immediately after a purchase or visit to ask for an online review.
  • Check in with customers two weeks after each purchase or appointment to make sure they were satisfied with their product or service.
  • Send notices to customers each month to alert them to new products and services they may be interested in based on their purchase history.
  • Offer discounts to customers who haven’t booked an appointment or made a purchase in the last three months.
  • Automatically track each customer’s purchase history and record details in your CRM system.
  • Produce automated reports and analytics that reveal the success of each campaign and identify possible improvements.

Thryv’s marketing automation platform

Thryv’s automated business software enables small businesses to find customers more easily, run the business more smoothly, and grow the business more quickly. From building your online presence and developing a user-friendly website to streamlining invoicing and managing reviews online, Thryv delivers the tools you need to simplify nearly every aspect of your small business.

As a marketing automation platform, Thryv delivers lots of tools that make marketing easier and more efficient.

  • Trigger-based marketing campaigns. Create an email or text message once and let Thryv send it to each customer at the right time, personalized for their interests. Trigger-based campaigns can automatically send purchase confirmations and appointment reminders, update customers on new services and products, or send helpful tips and product information for customers who have opted in to your lists.
  • Automatic announcements and messages. With Thryv, you never have to worry about following up after a purchase or forgetting to send a birthday greeting. Thryv lets you schedule automated announcements at the perfect time to nurture customer relationships.
  • Ready-to-use templates. A massive library of pre-written texts and emails for all occasions lets you quickly craft messages and build campaigns, even when you’re at a loss for what to say.
  • Opt-in widgets. Thryv helps you grow your customer lists with customizable widgets for your website. Customers can simply click to opt in and out of messaging for texts and emails, help you stay in compliance as you grow your list.
  • Detailed analytics. Thryv automatically tracks and reports on every time a customer opens, views, clicks on or engages with your emails and texts, providing insights and analytics that help to continually improve marketing efforts.

Thryv’s comprehensive capabilities

In addition to a marketing automation platform, Thryv offers comprehensive tools for managing nearly every aspect of your business.

Streamline communication. Thryv Command Center captures every conversation and lets you effortlessly communicate with customers and team members.

  • Centralized inbox. Combine conversations across multiple channels in a single, easy-to-use inbox. View a communication history for each client across all channels.
  • Phone and video calls. Manage voice and video calls with a single customer service line. Get transcripts of voicemails delivered to your inbox for easier tracking and organization.
  • TeamChat. Collaborate with team members easily with Thryv’s group chat function. Send direct messages and set up groups to communicate updates in real time. Mark up and share photos to keep everyone in the loop.

Improve efficiency. Thryv Business Center offers tools to simplify day-to-day activities.

  • Appointment scheduling. Let customersgo online anytime to view your availability and book or request appointments at their convenience.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM). Consolidate contact lists and customer data in one location. Produce timely and personalized communications to nurture customers and prospects.
  • Estimates and invoices. Send interactive estimates, quotes and invoices that customers can view, approve and pay online.
  • Online review management. Get notified immediately when customers post reviews and comments on major sites. Respond to comments within one business day with help from Thryv.
  • Client portal software. Give customers a secure place online to access account information, share documents, schedule appointments, and communicate with your team.
  • Document management. Store, share and collaboratively edit documents online. Collect digital signatures to execute documents more quickly.

Grow your business. Thryv Marketing Center eliminates the headache of managing marketing, advertising and social media.

  • Advertising campaigns. Build advertising campaigns across multiple channels. Create high-performing ads in minutes with easy-to-use templates.
  • Social media. Manage social media accounts from one location. Build posts in minutes with templates and schedule content to be posted later.
  • Insights and analytics. Find more customers online with competitive insights backed by AI-powered analytics.
  • Landing page templates. Convert more visitors to customers with compelling landing pages.
  • Websites. Design a mobile-friendly website to match your brand and boost sales.
  • Online presence. Expand your online presence in local listings to help customers find you easily.

Why choose Thryv?

Tens of thousands of small business owners choose Thryv to organize their workdays and run their businesses more efficiently. From invoicing software for law firms and automated scheduling for massage therapists to a marketing automation platform for contractors and home services, Thryv delivers powerful tools for every small business.

As an all-in-one, cloud platform, Thryv lets you access the tools you need to run your business from any location, on any device, at any time. With Thryv’s tools available on a single dashboard with one login, you won’t have to spend each day switching between different solutions and logging in to multiple applications. Cutting-edge encryption and customizable account access controls keep business information safe and customer data private.

Thryv is the only software of its kind that provides unlimited 24/7 support. And Thryv lets you keep using the business tools you know and love, through seamless integration with applications like QuickBooks, Gmail, Constant Contact, PayPal, Stripe and many more.

Marketing automation platform FAQs

Your marketing automation platform questions, answered.

What is a marketing automation platform?

A marketing automation platform is a software solution that automates many aspects of managing and executing marketing campaigns. Marketing automation platforms can automatically personalize and send email and text messages to customers. Automated solutions can also send appointment reminders, product announcements, purchase confirmations and marketing offers to customers at the right time.

What are the benefits of a marketing automation platform?

Automating marketing tasks reduces the workload on business owners and employees, freeing up hours in the day for productive work in other areas. A marketing automation platform also ensures that tasks are performed in a consistent and timely way to optimize efforts and nurture customer relationships more effectively.