Estimate software

The benefits of estimate software

Creating estimates is one of the most challenging and risky tasks for many small businesses. It’s hard to get a job if your estimate is too high, and it’s hard to make a profit if your estimate is too low. Accurate estimates require a time commitment to truly understand the scope of work and precisely cost out time and materials. Yet spending too much time on estimates will leave you with little time to get your actual work done.

Superior estimate software can help by streamlining many aspects of creating and managing estimates and communicating with clients. By minimizing the time required to build estimates, send them and follow-up, estimate software can help you reduce risk while improving the quality of the estimates you share with clients.

As a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses, Thryv offers invoice and estimate software that lets you create interactive, digital and mobile-ready estimates in minutes.

How to build effective estimates

With the right estimate software, you can build estimates that help you win the job more often.

A professional look
Estimate software lets you create estimates electronically rather than handwriting them on duplicate forms. Estimates created with software will have a more professional appearance and are easier to read, building greater trust in your potential client.

Itemized costs
Quotes that are too broad leave your clients wondering what they’re paying for. Estimate software makes it easy to itemize the cost of materials and labor for each aspect of the project, using simple terms that clients can understand. Clients are more likely to approve a higher estimate if they understand everything that goes into it.

Promptly sent
Sending an estimate quickly suggests that you value the client’s time and business, and that you will be a responsive communicator if they hire you for the job. The right estimate software makes it easy to quickly prepare quotes and send them to clients via email or text.

Personalized content
Including a client’s name, personal details or specific requests made by a client in your estimate can help you stand out from the crowd. These kinds of details may win over clients who want more personalized service.

Persuasive offers
Estimates that offer discounts for jobs paid in cash, dollars off for first-time customers or incentives for booking within a certain timeframe can help seal the deal with clients trying to decide between two or more providers.

Estimate software from Thryv

Thryv offers end-to-end solutions that help small businesses organize and run operations more easily. From social media and marketing automation tools to invoicing and credit card software for small business, Thryv delivers everything you need to find customers faster, manage work efficiently and grow the business more effectively.

Thryv’s invoice and estimate software for contractors, auto repair shops, landscapers and other service-based businesses streamlines estimate creation and lets you handle every client touchpoint in one place. With Thryv you can:
• Accelerate estimate creation with interactive, digital, mobile-ready quotes and estimates.
• Simplify communication with clients as they review, edit and approve estimates and payment details.
• Have clients sign estimates and invoices electronically with Thryv Signatures.
• Create customizable payment schedules, packages and installment plans.
• Impress clients with clean, easy-to-read estimate and invoice templates that look professional every time.
• Issue digital receipts with requests for online reviews.
• Automate reminders and follow-ups for timely estimate approvals and payment on invoices.

More solutions from Thryv

Along with estimating software for plumbers, contractors and other service-based businesses, Thryv offers tools to help communicate effectively, manage your day-to-day and grow your business – all from one dashboard.

Thryv Command Center centralizes messages from all channels in a central inbox to simplify communications and make sure you never miss another message. See and respond to messages from email, text, web, DM, social and other channels in one place, and view a comprehensive communication history for each client across all channels. Thryv even delivers voicemail transcriptions to your inbox so you can quickly find and reference information otherwise hidden in voicemail messages. Thryv’s TeamChat lets you exchange information with your team more easily via direct messages, group chats and photos you can mark up and share.

Thryv Business Center provides all the tools you need to streamline management of your business. Keep client information organized in a powerful CRM. Let customers book appointments online with automated scheduling software. Share, store and sign documents online. Get paid faster with small business payment solutions. Give customers a secure place online where they can access the information they need via client portal software. Respond quickly to reviews and comments online. Automate email and text marketing campaigns and simplify social media by posting to all your accounts from one location.

Thryv Marketing Center makes it super simple to manage marketing and advertising campaigns and build landing pages quickly from convenient templates. Enhance your local listings and optimize your Google Business Profile. Get real-time analytics about your audience and AI-powered recommendations for improving your marketing efforts.

Why customers love Thryv

Thryv provides small business owners with a single platform with all the tools they need, accessible via a single dashboard with a single login. Thryv keeps business and customer data safe and secure through cutting-edge data encryption and customizable access controls. Thryv also integrates easily with existing business management software like QuickBooks, Gmail, Jotform, Indeed, Clover and many others, allowing owners and employees to continue using the tools they know while adding tools from the Thryv platform.

Thryv offers exceptional and unlimited customer service 24/7. Flexible training and hands-on onboarding help users get up to speed quickly. In-app chat, tips, videos and guides allow users to learn at their own pace.

Estimate software FAQs

Your estimate software questions, answered.

What is estimate software?

Estimate software simplifies and streamlines the task of building estimates for jobs and projects provided by service-based businesses. Estimate software may include tools for building estimates with line-item costs for time and materials, sending estimates to customers on their preferred channels and following up with customers to get estimates approved.

What are the benefits of estimate software?

Estimate software helps service-based businesses to create quotes and estimates that are more accurate, look more professional and are delivered in a timelier fashion.