CRM solutions for small business

The need for CRM solutions for small business

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of nurturing customer relationships. Writing thank you notes, sending appointment reminders and remembering likes and dislikes are the kind of things that make customers feel valued and happy. Yet, as your small business grows and your to-do list expands, maintaining that personal touch gets harder.

A customer relationship management (CRM) can help you continue to deliver the personal service and exceptional experiences that your customers expect. CRM software was once a technology only for larger companies. But today, there are lots of CRM solutions for small business available on cloud-based platforms. The right CRM software solutions for your business should integrate with your existing marketing tools and automate all the routine but important tasks of tracking customer interactions and sending personalized communications.

As a do-it-all platform for small business management, Thryv offers powerful, easy-to-use CRM solutions for small business. With Thryv, you can easily track all your customer interactions in one place and automate communications to nurture leads and customers.

Personalizing communication with CRM tools

CRM solutions for small business can help you accomplish the #1 goal in customer relationships: personalizing communications. Rather than sending texts and emails with generic messages, customer management software lets you send communications tailored for each customer’s identity, preferences and purchase history. These personal touches show customers that you understand their wants and expectations and that you value their business.

CRM tools for small business make it easy to track and store the kind of details that enable personalized communications. These may include information like customers’ birthdays and anniversaries, names of children or pets, hobbies and special interests, and preferences they’ve shared during previous interactions.

By constantly updating your customer records with more detail, you can personalize communications in several ways.

  • Reference personal information. Every message should include the customer’s first name and other details such as the date of their last visit or the names of family members.
  • Remember milestones. To make customers feel special, send birthday wishes or anniversary greetings that include special offers, discounts, gifts or deals.
  • Send personalized offers. By tracking purchase histories, you can segment customers into groups and send marketing materials that are personalized for their interests. For example, customers who have consistently purchased a certain product will appreciate marketing emails offering a discount on things they usually buy or announcements of new products they’ll like.
  • Recognize preferences. When sending appointment reminders, for example, remembering that a customer prefers appointments on a certain day of the week or mornings vs. afternoons is a great way to keep things personal.

CRM solutions for small business from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform that combines all the tools you need to run your business in one place. From invoicing and payment solutions to marketing and social media software, Thryv helps simplify tasks and automate processes so you can get more work done in less time.

Thryv’s CRM solutions for small business deliver big benefits when it comes to communicating and nurturing customer relationships.

Simplify tracking and organization
Thryv consolidates various lists, spreadsheets and customer information into a single CRM database, collecting all your customer information in one place. Custom fields let you organize data in ways that work best for you, so you can find, filter, tag and track your contacts anyway you want.

Increase efficiency with automation
Thryv’s automated communications let you segment customers into groups, personalize messages for each segment and automatically send the most effective message to each customer at the right time. With Thryv, you can constantly nurture leads and customers to develop stronger relationships and increase revenue.

Empower customers with an online portal
Use a dedicated portal to give customers the self-service options they expect from the businesses they patronize. With a portal that matches your brand and website, customers can securely view their account information, purchase and track packages of services, schedule appointments and make payments, and upload and download documents.

Get to know your customers better
The more you know about each customer, the better you can meet their needs. Thryv offers an automatic data enrichment feature that scans public sites on the web for information about your contacts and updates your customer records with details from social profiles, photos and other sources.

Getting the most from your CRM solutions

While CRM tools for small business offer lots of advantages, it’s important to take a smart approach to managing the technology. Here are a few tips for maximizing the benefits of your CRM system.

Set goals to streamline efforts
Like most CRM tools for small business, Thryv’s technology offers lots of possibilities for organizing customer data. To be sure that you’re getting the intelligence and analytics you need, it’s important to start by defining your goals for customer relationships and how your CRM activities will help you achieve them. Without clear goals, it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of data and activity that may not have a tangible payoff.

Consult your staff
If your employees will be using your CRM tools, check in with them early about the kind of data and workflows they’ll find most helpful. To keep your CRM data clean, you’ll also want to make sure everyone understands how to correctly input data, merge records and avoid mistakes. Customers can be easily put off when you send a note that misspells their first name or references a purchase they’ve never made.

Mine your CRM for insight
CRM analytics and reports can deliver some pretty remarkable insights into who your customers are, what they want and how you can best meet their needs. CRM reports can reveal who your most valuable and faithful customers are and identify lapsed customers you might win back. Reports can reveal new customer segments you should be contacting and new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell existing customers.

Why customers choose Thryv

Thryv offers an end-to-end platform with tools to manage nearly every aspect of your business. From an email and text marketing automation platform to invoicing solutions and booking software for small business, Thryv delivers the tools you need to organize your day, communicate with customers and grow the business.

As a do-it-all, SaaS-based platform, Thryv is available everywhere, anytime, on any device – mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktops. Accessible via a single login, Thryv eliminates the need to log in to various tools throughout the day. Thryv also integrates easily with the software you already use – including QuickBooks, Gmail, Zoom, Yext, Clover, Indeed and many more – so you can keep using the tools that are proven to work for your business. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls help keep business information and customer data safe and secure. With unlimited support available 24/7, you’ll always have access to live experts who understand your goals and can help you with any technical issue.

CRM solutions for small business FAQs

Your CRM solutions for small business questions, answered.

What are CRM solutions for small business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are software tools that help track customer information and automate communications to build and nurture customer relationships.

What are the advantages of CRM solutions for small business?

CRM solutions for small business combine all the customer data that businesses usually keep in spreadsheets, documents, software systems and other sources. By centralizing information, CRM solutions make it easier to find, filter, tag and track customer data. CRM solutions for small business also automate tasks and communications to nurture customer relationships more easily while minimizing effort for business owners and their staff.