Client portal solutions

Build customer loyalty with client portal solutions

When running a small business, you’re constantly looking for new ways to impress clients and give them one more reason to remain a loyal customer. That’s where client portal solutions can help.

Portals are secure, online locations where customers can log in to find information, share documents, view bills, make payments, see their purchase history and perform a variety of other tasks. By giving customers an easy way to interact with your company and to take advantage of self-service options, client portals enhance a customer’s perception of your business and strengthen their commitment to doing business with you.

As a do-it-all platform for small business software solutions, Thryv offers client portal solutions that provide an easy way to communicate with your customers and let them take action on their own.

The benefits of a client portal

Client portals have become a standard offering for many companies – and an expectation for many customers. In a study by Microsoft, 90% of respondents say they expected brands and organizations to offer client portal solutions for self-service.1

The popularity of portals is likely because of the many benefits they offer customers.

  • Instant access to information. Client portal solutions let customers view a wide range of information about the business and their relationship with it. When accessed from mobile devices, portals put a wealth of information at clients’ fingertips.
  • Easy collaboration. Portals allow businesses and clients to share documents easily and securely. Superior solutions even allow users to edit documents online.
  • Convenience. Portals provide a single space where customers can login once and access a wide range of features and services.
  • Self-service. Self-service options enable customers to quickly find the information they need on their own, without needing to wait for an email reply or a return phone call.

Client portal solutions offer many benefits for your business as well.

  • Improved customer loyalty. By enhancing the customer experience, client portals help to build loyalty with customers.
  • Greater productivity. With a central location for documents, contracts, estimates, invoices and project information, client portal solutions enable small businesses and their employees to be more productive and spend less time searching for information.
  • Added security. Client portals provide an additional layer of security for documents and data in contrast to sharing information via email.

Client portal solutions from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end solution that delivers all the business management software small business owners need. From marketing and social media to appointment booking and customer relationship management, small businesses can rely on Thryv to stay organized and improve efficiency throughout the business.

Thryv offers easy-to-use client portal solutions as part of a customer communication platform. To deliver a consistent brand experience, Thryv’s portals can be customized to match the look and feel of your business website. Thryv portals can be accessed via any device – mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

With the Thryv’s client portal solutions, your customers can:

  • Interact with your business on new and existing transactions.
  • View a history on invoices, payments, partial payments and refunds.
  • View and pay outstanding invoices.
  • Schedule or reschedule appointments.
  • Upload or download information.
  • View a complete history of communications with your business.
  • Interact with your employees, sending and receiving messages in real time.
  • View upcoming and past bookings.
  • View and accept estimates.
  • Book packages of services and track their available package credits.

For businesses, Thryv’s client portal solutions allows you to securely share documents with customers and to monitor metrics such as how many clients started or completed a specific action in the portal or how many times a client visited the portal.

More small business solutions from Thryv

In addition to client portal solutions, Thryv offers comprehensive tools for nearly all the tasks involved in running your business.

Help customers find you
Thryv’s tools for strengthening your online presence make it easier for customers to find you, book your services and leave reviews. With Thryv, you can upload your business information once and have it synced across 40+ listings sites, including Google Business Profile. To enhance your online brand, let Thryv’s in-house designers build a small business website that features professional copy and compelling calls-to-action while optimizing your site to keep you as visible as possible with top search engines.

Simplify social media
Create, schedule and publish content from one place, posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with just a few clicks. Use Thryv’s pre-built posts when you need inspiration. When you’re too busy to post during the day, Thryv lets you create content and schedule your posts in advance.

Automate marketing
Thryv’s marketing automation software lets you build trigger-based targeted campaigns that streamline your marketing efforts and ensure each customer and prospect gets the right message at the right time.

Make scheduling convenient
Allow your customers to book or request appointments online anytime of the day or night, freeing your staff from answering the phone all day long.

Nurture leads and opportunities
Upgrade your contact lists to a powerful CRM solution that makes it easy to keep track of customers and to nurture prospects and opportunities through regular communication.

Streamline customer communication
Thryv’s customer communication management solutions let you communicate with customers on their preferred channel – email, text, WebChat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger or Google. Manage all communications from a single inbox and view conversations with clients in a single thread, no matter where messages originated.

Store and share documents easily
Share and store documents online to eliminate paper clutter. Allow customers, partners and employees to edit documents online – Thryv will automatically keep track of the most recent version.

Generate cash flow
Issue interactive estimates and invoices from the field. Automatically send payment reminders to get paid faster. Give customers more ways to pay, and swiftly process credit cards at competitive rates.

Build and protect your online reputation
Generate more five-star reviews by automatically requesting reviews from customers at the optimal time. Get notified as soon as comments and reviews are posted. Thryv’s online reputation management services can help you reply to all reviews within 1 business day, even when you’re too busy to do it yourself.

Why Thryv?

Thryv is a seriously powerful end-to-end platform for managing the daily workload of a small business. As a do-it-all solution, Thryv lets business owners and their teams log in once to access all the tools they need to run the business, rather than repeatedly logging into multiple applications throughout the day. Available from any location on any internet-connected device, Thryv integrates easily with common business tools like QuickBooks, Zoom PayPal, Square, Gmail and many others, so owners and employees don’t have to give up the tools they know and love to take advantage of Thryv’s solutions. Cutting-edge encryption technology and custom access controls ensure that customer information and business data is safe from theft, breaches, leaks and loss. Unlimited support from small business specialists enables business owners to get the help they need 24/7.


Client portal solutions FAQs

Your client portal solutions questions, answered.

What is a client portal?

Client portals enable a business’s clients to securely log in to a space online where they can access information, make payments, upload or download documents, view their account and find answers to questions.

What are the benefits of the client portal?

For customers, a client portal provides easy access to information and self-service options that allow customers to accomplish tasks more quickly. For businesses, client portals can help build loyalty with a customer base and streamline many client-related tasks.