According to recent survey by SheKnows, an award-winning women’s lifestyle media platform company, 52 percent of women polled admitted they’d purchase products from companies who portray women favorably in their advertising.

Of the 628 women polled, 43 percent said female empowerment ads made them feel good about supporting the brand. Additionally, 45 percent admitted to sharing a pro-female ad with others and 46 percent stated they’d begun following a company on social media as a result of an ad.

With 92 percent stating they were aware of at least one pro-female campaign like “Dove’s Real Beauty”; understandably, they are easier to remember too.

Furthermore, only a quarter of respondents said they’d continue using products from companies who didn’t show women in a positive light in their advertising.

Following are other key findings:

  • Four out of five respondents thought it was important for younger generations to see pro-female advertising and believe it can have a positive effect on a young girl’s self esteem
  • Fifty-one percent feel pro-female advertising breaks down gender barriers
  • Three out of five believe any brand can be pro-woman
  • Ninety-four percent felt that objectifying women in ads hurts all women
  • Seventy-five percent said they like ads featuring real women
  • Only 50 percent consider themselves feminists but 89 percent are for gender equality


Castillo, Michelle. “These Stats Prove Femvertising Works”. 10/10/2014.