Are Olympic marketing strategies even worth it?

Over 100 million people downloaded the Olympics app in 2020, and nearly 60% of U.S. adults say they’re watching the games this year. It’s safe to say the Olympics will be trending on social media and certainly a topic of conversation in the workplace.

With the 2024 Paris Olympics starting on July 26th, this is the perfect time to create a gold-medal marketing strategy for your business. If you’re unsure where to start, below are a few ideas to try this summer.

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Marketing Strategies for the Olympics

Here are five Olympic marketing strategies to put your business on the podium this year.

1. Update your advertisements.

Whether they’re online or in print, now is a great time to update your brand’s advertisements. Come up with a new tagline that relates to the Olympics, or modify one of the examples below:

  • Go for Gold: Support Your Hometown Heroes.
  • Train Like a Champion, Shop Like a Local.
  • Never Settle for Anything Less Than Gold: [Your Business Name]
  • [Your Business Name]: We’re All About Going for the Gold.
  • Experience the Winning Feeling with [Your Business Name].

You should also update your images. If you’re not great at graphic design, try a free AI tool like an image generator. I created one using the prompt “dog winning gold medal at the Olympics.”

dog olympic image

Digital ads are easy to update. If you already use Google Ads, log in and edit an existing ad group or create a new one from scratch.

digital ad creation for the olympics

2. Host an event.

The Olympics make for a great time to get people together – because the games really do bring people from all corners of the globe together!

You could throw a watch party — or, better yet, host your own “Olympic Games.” Invite customers and other businesses to participate and hand out awards to winners. It’s a great incentive to get people in the door, and it can be a fun way to build awareness for you and other local businesses.

Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures and videos. You can post them on social media, like the one below:


Dog Olympic high jump!!! #dogjump #dogjumps #marleynyc

♬ original sound – MARLEY NYC

3. Create a social media campaign.

Speaking of social media, that’s an excellent place to create marketing content for the Olympics. Over 5 million Instagram posts have the hashtag “#Olympics,” which will likely trend on X (formerly known as Twitter) for most of July and August.

Experts tell business owners to meet customers where they are, and this is what they mean. When you know most people will be talking or looking at content about the Olympics on Instagram or X, your business should be there, too.

Try to avoid making all of these posts promotional. Enjoy the moment, root for athletes, and do a recap of the opening ceremonies. You can mix in a promo now and then, but your goal is to fuel the conversation and keep people interested in your brand, like the post below:

instagram marketing strategies for the olympics

4. Sponsor a league or team.

You can also build brand awareness in your local community by sponsoring a rec league, like soccer or football. They’ll put your company’s name on uniforms, mention it at games, and thank you countless times throughout the season. It’s a constant reminder to players and fans about your business. (Personally, I will never forget having “Fat-Heads Xmas Trees” stamped on the back of my Little League Baseball cap).

The best way to sponsor a rec or town team is to contact the league office. For example, if I Google “Beaufort Little League Sponsor,” the first link will lead me to the offer below. Most league offices have a cell number or email that you can use for communication.

little league sponsorship offers


5. Launch a seasonal promotion.

Seasonal marketing involves promoting your brand at specific times of the year. In the U.S., the Olympic Games take place toward the end of summer, which is often a great time to kick off a seasonal discount or sale to get customers’ attention.

You could also host and promote a giveaway on social media, as Panasonic did for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

twitter marketing strategies for olympics

6. Film a video.

Video ads are especially popular during the Olympics. Since people stream the Games on phones and TVs, they’re a perfect medium for generating views on social media, YouTube, cable TV, and more.

You don’t have to hire a Hollywood production crew to film a compelling video. Focus on audio quality and creating a good story – like how Alibaba did in 2018:

Freelance video editors on sites like Upwork can help you film, edit, and produce your ad.

Pro Tip: Thryv offers video marketing solutions that you can check out here.

Go for a Gold Medal Marketing Strategy

Savvy business owners take advantage of marketing opportunities, which are what the Olympic Games provide. It’s an event that you know customers are watching, so you can engage with them in a way that adds to their experience. Try some of the Olympic marketing strategies above and take home gold for your business this summer.

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