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Business Problems

With a great business plan in place and the determination to make it a reality, Romia started RC Auto Detail in his garage over 15 years ago.

At the start of his business, Romia found it challenging to keep track of everything and stay organized. He used multiple programs to manage his website, emails, appointments and customer information. Customers were unable to book appointments online, and he manually followed up with them to secure new appointments.



Following up with customers has become even easier with Automated Campaigns. He uses Two-Way Text to let customers know their car is ready. Even better, his customers can respond when they’re on the way, keeping all his communications organized into a single thread in his CRM.

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Scheduling & Appointments

Customers can book appointments online and in real-time. Romia can assign, manage and access appointments in one place, making it even more efficient to manage his staff’s schedule. Overall, with online booking, he’s seen an increase of 7+ more bookings a month.

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Thryv’s Mobile App allows his entire staff to keep customer information updated and stored in one place, directly from their mobile phone. Managing everything via mobile is hassle-free, including taking payments, scheduling appointments and reviewing customer and auto details.

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Romia has grown from his garage to 2 locations and increased his clientele to over 11,000 customers. With his staff’s ability to text customers during services with updates, suggestions, or other mechanical needs, he’s seen an increase in add-on services, appointments and revenue. Not only does this create staff efficiency, notifying customers in advance of service completion helps to minimize finished cars sitting in the bay!

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Communicate with his customers easier.
  • Maximize his time by managing all of his appointments in one place.
  • Get more done with access to Thryv on his phone.

Thryv allows Romia to better communicate with his customers, manage his appointments online and offer convenience to his customers.

Client communication is much better now. It's so much easier to text customers and let them know their car is ready and it’s coming directly from the business number

Romia Pritchett | RC Auto Detail & Carpet Cleaning

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