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3D Print Everything

Owner: Michael Lynn

Forth Worth, TX

Power User of Thryv Since October 2018

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I traded in multiple platforms for one easy-to-use software.

Business Problems

Michael Lynn realized the 3D printing industry was an emerging market, so he decided to create his own company in 2017. He offers full-service prototype/product creation, consulting, 3D modeling, 3D printing and more.

As a new business owner, Michael needed to establish a strong online presence and ensure his potential customers had a place to communicate with him. He also needed a way to manage his appointments and track and process payments.

Business Services

3D Print Everything

Michael Lynn
Forth Worth, TX
Thryv Power User since October 2018

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High-Thryv Award - Q1 2019

Thryv Power User


Invoicing & Payments

He has simplified his process and decreased 80% of his time billing customers with easy-to-generate invoices and by accepting credit card payments.

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Appointment Booking

Managing his customers’ orders and timely pickups has greatly improved with Thryv, from 30% to 99%.

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Client Portal

Since adding the Client Portal URL to his Google My Business profile, Thryv has brought 90% of his potential customers directly into his Thryv Inbox.

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Thryv has pulled together all the tools Michael needed to manage his business and create happy customers with easy payment processing and order pickup reminders.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Eliminate managing multiple platforms and passwords.
  • Stay organized with customer interactions and orders.
  • Increase new order opportunities with online presence.

Michael can focus on the development of his products while Thryv helps him fully support his growing clientele.

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Michael Lynn

“Thryv has helped me accept more customers and streamline my payments.”

Michael Lynn
3D Print Everything

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