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Thryv is like an employee – it’s like having another person in the business to take the pressure off of us.

Business Problems

Tyler had dreamed of taking control of his career by starting his own business. With the help of his wife, Eve, they began to build the foundation for 215 Decking, determined to deliver luxury outdoor spaces to residents throughout Melbourne and beyond.

But as their business grew and they began juggling more clients, appointments, and projects, they realized the difficulty of operating their business out of so many different places.


Scheduling and Appointments

Tyler and Eve now manage and book all service appointments through Thryv, with nearly 60% of their clients self-booking online. Their clients receive helpful automated reminders and Eve can easily see where and what project Tyler is on at any given time.

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No longer struggling to match up numbers in his phone to his clients, Tyler now accesses all of his clients' details in one place. Past conversations, future appointments, and important project notes are stored and can be viewed at their office or on-site using the Thryv app.

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Online Presence

For 215 Decking, getting found and ensuring prospective clients can connect with them easily is vital. Tyler and Eve now provide their audience with a professionally designed website making it convenient to call, message, review, or book services with the click of a button.

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Tyler and Eve have found a way to grow their business, while providing them with the ability to operate efficiently and stay organized.

Thryv has given them the tools they need to:

  • Access and manage their calendar from anywhere – even on the job site!
  • Store and keep all client details organized in one place.
  • Expand their staff and relieve pressure from Tyler and Eve’s busy schedules.

Tyler and Eve were invested in finding a solution to operate their business easier. With Thryv, they can oversee the health of their business from anywhere.

In the evening we’re not talking about work as much because we’re actually finishing things off during the day...We have a lot more free time to be ourselves and not just be business all the time.

Tyler & Eve Scott | 215 Decking

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