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Restricted Secure Access

Added security for your Thryv

Works with: Command Center, Business Center, Marketing Center, & ThryvPay


Thryv’s Restricted Secure Access add-on protects sensitive health information, including medical records, health information, communications and more, for businesses subject to data privacy obligations. With this add-on, you can confidently ensure the safety and security of your client and their patients' confidential information, all while maximizing the potential of your Thryv software.

With careful access monitoring, stringent measures to safeguard data transfers, and a team of highly trained and dedicated Thryv Specialists, rest assured that your electronic records are not only protected and secure, but also fully compliant with local regulatory requirements.

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Privacy and Peace of Mind

Keep your clients’ data safe and secure.

Protected client data.

  • Appropriate security for data management that meets cloud software security standards and local regulations.
  • Compliant privacy standards that permit the minimum necessary users access to your data, with a specialised service and support team.
  • Covers any business that is considered a “Covered Entity” or “Business Associate” and subject to data privacy obligations.

Privacy Made Safe and Secure.

  • The Restricted Secure Access add-on provides additional privacy and security measures.
  • Add the Restricted Secure Access add-on for only $41/month.
  • Thryv cannot make health claims within the content we create on your behalf such as website, landing page, or social content.

Restricted Access


Unlimited users

Safeguard Your Data

Ensure your client and patient data is protected and the appropriate security processes are in place so private information is always safe.

Build Patient Trust

Create better relationships with your patients by ensuring their health information is safe and prioritised, whether they visit you virtually or in office.

Always Stay Compliant

Reduce the risk of data breaches and legal repercussions by ensuring your web portals and backend systems are working and secure.

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