Thryv Video Terms and Conditions

Last updated: August 1, 2023

If you ordered Video Subscription Services, you agree to the following additional Terms and Conditions as a supplement to your Thryv Platform Services Terms and Conditions, the terms of which are incorporated herein by this reference. Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Terms and Conditions will have the same meaning given in the Thryv Platform Services Terms and Conditions.

  1. Services. The services included with your Video Subscription Services will vary depending on the package you ordered.
  2. Video View Guarantee. If you purchase a Video Subscription Services package that contains a Video View Guarantee and keep such Subscription Services active for twelve (12) months from the beginning of your Subscription Period (the “Guarantee Period”), a “Video View Guarantee” will apply as follows: Included at no additional cost - your 15-second Video Ads together will include a single, total 10,000 Video View Guarantee for the Guarantee Period. “Video Views” occur when one of the video ads automatically plays when displayed to a user or plays when clicked by a user. If at any time you cancel your Video Subscription Services or the Subscription Service is suspended prior to the end of the Guarantee Period, you forfeit the Video View Guarantee. If we fail to satisfy the Video View Guarantee during the Guarantee Period, we will continue to publish the video until the Video View Guarantee is met. If your Video Subscription Services remain active for additional 12-month periods following the initial Guarantee Period (each an “Extended Guarantee Period”), you will receive an additional 10,000 Video Views Guarantee for your Video Ads during each Extended Guarantee Period and any undelivered Video Views will roll over to the following period. However, if you cancel your Video Subscription Services during any Extended Guarantee Period before the end if the applicable Extended Guarantee Period, you forfeit the Video View Guarantee.
  3. Upgraded Video View Guarantee. Depending on the Video Subscription Services package purchased, you may be able to add an additional set number of Video Views as an add-on to your Video View Guarantee for an additional fee. You may purchase these additional Video View Guarantee packages with a term of a set number of months (“Add-on Guarantee Period”). However, if you cancel or suspend the Video Subscription Services prior to the end of the additional Video View Guarantee package’s Add-on Guarantee Period, you forfeit the Video View Guarantee for those additional purchased Video Views.
  4. Custom Photo Shoot. Depending on the Video Subscription Services package purchased, you may also receive or purchase a Custom Photo Shoot which includes 30 still photos, and/or a Video Photo 360 product, in which still photos are put together to form a moving video or perspective-shifting panoramic view of your business location or some other aspect of your business. You are permitted to change or revise these videos only once before launch.
  5. Custom Video. If your Video Subscription Services order includes Custom Videos and you wish to cancel or reschedule the professional video shoot, you must do so at least 24 hours before the date agreed upon with our Video production company for your Custom Videos to be shot. If you cancel or reschedule a shoot on less than 24 hours’ notice, you agree to pay a cancellation fee of up to $150. If we are unable to schedule your Custom Video shoot, you may forfeit this component of your Video Subscription Services package or we may use other footage or still photos (including stock photos) to complete your Video Subscription Services.
  6. Your Responsibility and Billing. You understand and agree to fully cooperate in the fulfillment of your Video Subscription Services. You agree that we may launch your Video Subscription Services at any time without your further approval in the event your approval is delayed or no response is provided to our requests for approval. You agree that we may bill you and you agree to pay for Video Subscription Services rendered even if the full Video Subscription Services is not provided due to your failure to respond, failure to timely provide required information or content, or due to your lack of cooperation.
  7. Preview and Approval. If your Video Subscription Services include an automatically generated Video or Video ads, you are allowed one Revision. You will receive notification via email when your Video is ready for review. You agree that we may launch your Video Subscription Services at any time without your final approval. If you purchased a Custom Video Subscription Service and fail to engage or provide necessary content, we are permitted to use stock photos to build your Custom Video. You are permitted to engage and submit content at any time during the Subscription Period subject to our Revision Policy (see Section 9 below). If you purchased the Custom Video Subscription Service, following your required engagement and initial video build, we, or our third-party vendor, will notify you via email when your Video is complete. The notification will include a preview link. You are permitted one Revision to the initial build of your Video within five (5) business days of receipt of the notification email. If we do not hear from you, we will post the Video as-is. If Revisions are requested, you must notify our third-party vendor in writing (via the video project page) of the specific nature of error, omission or concern regarding your Video. You will receive notification again via email when your revised Video is ready. Your Video is subject to publication without further notice or change after the review period described above ends or you approve, whichever comes first.
  8. Content. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and authorizations to use any content you provide for inclusion or request us to include in your Video Product, including, without limitation, releases (in a form approved by us) from persons appearing in such content, testimonials, and images of products or brands or any other trademarked or copyrighted content. You agree that all content you provide is Client Content as defined in the Thryv Platform Terms and Conditions, and you remain solely responsible for any disputes related to this content. If we create or supply any content for your Video Subscription Services or design your Video Subscription Services, the content and the design and arrangement of the advertising we create are our sole and exclusive property or that of our third-party licensors, except for any Client Content therein. Provided you are not in breach of the Agreement, we grant you a royalty-free, worldwide, non-transferable license to use the video created for your Video Subscription Services for marketing purposes associated with your business. We will not return any content, footage or other media you provide during the creation process. We do not guarantee that we will maintain a copy of the Video Subscription Services content or your Video after the Subscription Period expires.
  9. Revision Policy.
    1. “Revision” shall mean any corrections, such as misspellings and/or typos, and modification which includes new voice-overs, transitions, photo swaps, or new text-on-screen.
    2. Revisions may be requested at any time at no additional charge.
    3. Any changes to the video intent, purpose, branding, and/or messaging are not considered a Revision and will be considered a new Video Subscription Services Order, subject to applicable charges