Small Business CRM Solutions

Retain customers with small business CRM solutions

Finding customers is the number one priority for any small business but retaining customers – and keeping them happy – is even more important. It costs far more to attract new clients than to service existing customers. And happy customers are the best word-of-mouth advocates for your business.

Even though you know the importance of customer relationship management (CRM), finding the time to do it right can be difficult when your schedule gets busy. That’s where small business CRM solutions can help. The right CRM technology will help you organize your client lists and personalize your communications with every customer. Superior small business CRM software will even automate lots of tasks involved in nurturing and communicating with leads and customers, so you can stay focused on running your company.

Thryv offers leading small business CRM solutions as part of an end-to-end platform for running your business more efficiently. With Thryv, you get all the tools you need to build stronger relationships and take care of the customers at the heart of your business.

Personalizing communications with a CRM solution

One of the biggest benefits of relying on CRM technology is the ability to personalize emails, text and other customer communications. Your customers will appreciate feeling valued, and your business will reap the benefits of higher revenue.

When personalizing communications, small business CRM solutions can help you:

  • Include personal info. With CRM technology, every email and text can automatically include the customer’s first name and other personal details.
  • Remember important details. Small business customer relationship management software is great at tracking birthdays, anniversaries or the names of children and pets – the kind of details that make customers feel seen. Your CRM should also let you keep track of specific notes about customer preferences.
  • Segment customers. Superior small business CRM solutions will allow you to group customers into different segments based on their interests, previous purchases, buying frequency and other details that will allow you to target each segment with more personalized content.

Small business CRM solutions from Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all business management platform with software that automates and simplifies nearly every aspect of running a small business.

Thryv’s small business CRM solution can help you achieve big benefits in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. With Thryv, you can:

  • Personalize communication. Thryv’s centralized customer database provides a customizable view of your leads and clients, consolidating detailed information to help you personalize communications more easily. Use custom fields to tailor how you find, filter, tag and keep track of clients. Thryv can automatically enrich your client records by searching the internet for public information about each customer and automatically including details from social profiles, photos and more.
  • Provide a seamless online experience. Thryv’s online portal gives customers an easy way to connect with your business. After logging in online, customers can use your portal to easily make payments, schedule appointments, access information, share documents and take advantage of self-service options.
  • Nurture leads and opportunities. With small business marketing automation technology, Thryv’s small business CRM solutions let you set up campaigns to connect with leads and customers automatically. Thryv can send automated payment reminders, personalized offers, monthly newsletters, birthday greetings and post-purchase follow-up messages that help you stay in touch with each customer at the right time.

Additional solutions for managing your small business

Along with customer management software for small business, Thryv provides tools to help you manage and organize every aspect of the business more efficiently.

Enhancing your online presence
Thryv’s online presence tools help you claim and manage your Google Business Profile and keep your business information updated on 40+ top listings sites. Upload your business details once and have them posted across all sites, giving search engines more confidence in your business and helping potential customers find you faster.

Streamlining appointment scheduling
Thryv’s online scheduling software lets customers go online at their convenience to request or book their own appointments. You won’t need to spend the day taking calls or playing phone tag with customers who want to make an appointment. Automated reminders sent by email or text help to minimize missed appointments and lost revenue.

Sending invoices online
Create interactive invoices and estimates that clients can view and pay on their mobile devices.

Getting paid faster
Thryv’s online payment processing solutions give customers the flexibility to pay the way they need – while allowing you to get paid how you want. Accept and process credit card and ACH payments, or let customers pay with tools like Apple Pay, PayPal, Square, Strip, or Google Pay.

Simplifying document management
Securely request, store and share digital documents directly with customers and contacts. Edit documents online and track changes easily so you always know which is the most recent version.

Upgrading your website
Let Thryv’s in-house web designers create or show you how to build a business website that will attract more customers, increase visibility with search engines and drive more sales.

Why Thryv?

More than 40,000 small business owners choose Thryv to manage their most important business functions. Thryv’s end-to-end platform is packed with software solutions that help business owners manage their time, communicate with clients, get paid faster and build a better reputation online. From CRM for law firms and scheduling software for pet groomers to marketing solutions for contractors, Thryv provides tools to manage any small business more efficiently.

Thryv is the only small business platform that offers personalized setup and support from small business experts. Via phone, chat or email, Thryv specialists are available 24/7 to provide both technical expertise and business advice. Our team of client success partners works tirelessly to help you get the most out of your Thryv subscription.

As a SaaS-based platform, Thryv is available everywhere and on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. A single login gives you and your employees access to all the tools you need for managing day-to-day activities, without needing to continually log in to different applications all day long. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access ensure that customer information and business data stay safe from attacks, theft, leaks and loss.

Small Business CRM Solutions FAQs

Your small business CRM solutions questions, answered.

What are CRM solutions?

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help businesses to improve relationships with prospects and customers. By recording information about every interaction and tracking details about every customer, CRM solutions help businesses to better understand each customer and provide more personalized communication and service. CRM solutions can also automate many of the tasks involved in communication to move prospects through the sales funnel and build greater loyalty with customers.

What are small business CRM solutions?

Many CRM technologies are highly complex software solutions that take teams of people to configure and maintain. Small business CRM solutions are typically cloud-based offerings that require no software or hardware to be purchased and installed. A small business CRM can be managed by an employee without technical knowledge and used by virtually anyone in the business to manage customer relationships more effectively.