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Big names. Familiar faces. Here’s a sneak peek at Connect19’s speaker list.

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October 22, 2019Dallas, TX


Keynote Speakers

Keynote sessions will feature stories of reinventing industries, finding motivation from tragedy, inspiring teams and more.

Howard Lerman

Yext Founder and CEO Howard Lerman knows all about making an impact by building a team of talented people. And, he’s agreed to let us in on some of his secrets.

J.R. Martinez

Actor, author and U.S. Army veteran J.R. Martinez is full of heart and sure to inspire your inner go-getter with his story of survival, strength and spirit.

Randy Artman

Serial entrepreneur Randy Artman has spent his career helping businesses of all sizes reduce expenses, improve productivity, and grow sales through the use of technology.

Joe Walsh

Thryv CEO Joe Walsh has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. He’s led multiple technology and marketing companies to success.

More to come!

We’re adding speaker talent by the minute. Check back to keep up with the latest.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will give you the opportunity to soak up actionable advice from real-life business owners and small business experts.

Ilknur Ozgur

Ever heard of immersive theater or experimental performance? Thanks to Thryv superuser and Artstillery Founder Ilknur Ozgur, now you have.

Mark Langford

Mark is the Executive Director for the North Texas SBDC Network, responsible for economic development in 49 counties in North Texas. America’s SBDC provides free consulting and low-cost training to businesses of all types.

Gordon Henry

Thryv CMO Gordon Henry practically wrote the book on the evolution of print and internet marketing services into business management software, and what that means for entrepreneurs. (He knows a little something about branding, too.)

James McCusker

Thryv CRO James McCusker is responsible for all aspects of sales strategy, planning, recruiting, training and execution. He is an advocate for small business growth and success across the nation.

Ryan Cantor

VP of Digital Ryan Cantor is Thryv’s resident expert in all-things-online. He uses leading digital tools and developments to anticipate small business software needs and turn them into reality.

Grant Freeman

Thryv VP of Client Success Grant Freeman focuses on delivering exceptional experiences to clients at every interaction. Grant also oversees sales training and recruiting to ensure Thryv’s experts are passionate advocates for small business success.

Matt Gourgeot

Thryv Foundation director Matt Gourgeot shapes the nonprofit’s vision, direction and strategic partnerships. The Thryv Foundation aims to empower, develop and invest in Small Business America.

More to come!

We’re adding speaker talent by the minute. Check back to keep up with the latest.