Wingmom, Inc.

I probably would have taken a few more years to franchise had I not had the support of Thryv.

Business Problems

Wingmom, Inc. began after owner Kate experienced firsthand the impact a helping hand can have within our daily lives. She aimed to offer her clients the same conveniences and kindness that she had received in her time of need.

She managed her growing business in a handwritten planner, spent hours every week communicating with clients via text, and was limited in the types of payment methods she could accept. She quickly learned that running a business proved more difficult than imagined.


Scheduling and Appointments

Now Kate has full control and easy access to her calendar - whenever, wherever! Her clients receive automated reminders of their upcoming service and Kate can see precisely where and what her staff are doing at the click of a button.

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Gone are the days of Kate having to manage all client communications by text. With Thryv, Kate and her team can see the complete picture and history of each client, from past appointments and payments to conversations, shared documents, and more.

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With ThryvPay, Kate brings her clients the simplicity and flexibility of paying how they want. She can now process contactless payments, create and invoice her clients quickly, and have a clear picture of the financial health of her business.

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Thryv has helped Kate take her business to the next level and grow at a rate she didn’t know was possible.

Thryv has given her the tools she needs to:

  • Franchise and expand the footprint of Wingmom, Inc., including growing her staff from 3 to 90+
  • Automate and streamline how she manages her appointments and all client communication
  • Accept all types of payments, making it easier to get credit for a job well done

Kate can rest easy knowing that she and her team now have one end-to-end solution to help them stay organized, get paid easier, and communicate efficiently in one place.

Seeing the whole picture of who was going to be where and when – that just doesn’t come across on paper. With Thryv, we are able to conceptualize it, see it, and have it all in one place that everybody can access.

Kate Maxwell | Wingmom, Inc.

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