At Whits End Dog Training

Matt and Candice were at their Whits End until they found Thryv.


Matt and Candice Whitson went into the dog training business in September of 2018. They wanted to help people in their community with puppy training, obedience training, behavior modification and boarding.

Their challenge was behind-the-scenes administrative work. Before Thryv, they were using Google Calendar for appointment scheduling and notes for communication. This created many inefficiencies in managing their client information, communication and daily schedule.



Having the ability to manage multiple staff members makes multi-tasking easy for Candice. She can update an appointment and feel at ease knowing that Matt receives a notification instantly.

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In the last year, they have increased client communications by 80%, with everything located in one organized Inbox.

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Sales & Payments

Thryv and Square integration eliminated the need for two different software solutions and extra hardware. Now they can process payments directly in-app. And all of their client data, transactional history and current payments are right inside Thryv.

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Accessing their business with Thryv’s mobile app allows Candice and Matt to handle business from anywhere.

Thryv has given them the tools they need to:

  • Run their business conveniently in one place and on the go.
  • Stay engaged with customers on a regular basis.
  • Never miss another potential customer.

For the first time, they were able to take that much-needed family vacation to the mountains of North Carolina.

With Thryv everything is in one place. It has helped us streamline everything from setting appointments and communicating with our clients to sending out invoices for our payments and allowing our clients to make payments.

Matt and Candice Whitson | At Whits End Dog Training

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