“Scheduling is seamless and awesome with Thryv. I’m constantly getting clients saying how professional I come across.”

PetImpact! Dog Training Services

Jennifer Mauer St. Louis, MO

Doing Business Easier since 2020.

Business Problems

Meet Jennifer Mauer, the dog whisperer behind PetImpact!, a positive reinforcement, relationship-based dog training service.

Wrangling pups isn’t a walk in the park, especially with her on-the-go schedule. She needed something to keep her business in check – handling everything from appointments to client chats, payments and document sharing.

Thryv has transformed Jennifer’s daily operations, providing a solution that not only eases her day-to-day tasks but also enhances her professional image. Automated appointment reminders contribute to a more organized schedule and a streamlined, user-friendly website showcases her professionalism to clients.