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Business Problems

Jerry started his business to have more control over the clients he helped and the services he provided. He wanted to provide his clients with a simpler and easier process.

He struggled managing different aspects of his business across too many platforms. He didn’t have a solution for posting social content and wasn’t present online.


Social Media

The content library allows him to tailor popular posts to fit his business. He can schedule posts for multiple social platforms at once. He has increased his social presence which has increased his new clients by 15% within a years’ time.

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With the Thryv Inbox, his staff has a centralized location to locate customer information and conversation history. He has created a cohesive office and elevated his customer experience with better customer communication

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Being able to share, receive and upload documents through the secure client portal with his clients has increased productivity in his office. He can add more new clients and easily communicate and provide them with the information they need.

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Thryv has helped Jerry to increase his overall clientele by 15% year after year with about 35 – 45 new clients each year.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Increase his clientele and continue to grow his business.
  • Connect with his customers and potential leads through social media.
  • Be present online with updated information where customers are looking for his services.

Jerry is growing his company with the tools he needs to easily communicate with his customers in different ways all from one place

Running my business has become easier now that we have one platform that can handle multiple things

Jerry Laird | Laird & Associates, PC

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