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Business Problems:

Mounds of cluttered invoices and sticky notes held Dylan Ely back from keeping Ely Heating & Cooling organized and running smoothly. All the paperwork was handwritten, which caused an efficiency problem throughout the entire business.

It was a disaster situation trying to figure out where all our paperwork was.

The clutter was becoming chaos. Dylan had to find a system to organize his payments, customer notes, appointments and more. Since using Thryv, Dylan says his stress levels are down, and he’s saving a ton of time.


Estimates & Invoices

With Thryv, Dylan saves time and secures jobs faster now that his payment process is digital. Customers love that he can whip up an estimate right there on the spot --- plus they can approve digital estimates with one click.

Getting paid is simple, too. Now, Dylan and his team can collect payments right there at the time of service.

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Scheduling & Appointments

Sticky notes made it hard for Dylan to keep track of new and existing appointment details, often leading to missed or overlooked tasks.

However, since Thryv digitized the scheduling system, Dylan's team can now efficiently manage their daily work schedule on the go, ensuring better organization and minimizing scheduling errors while offering convenient online booking.

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Online Presence

Dylan has significantly boosted his online presence by adding a top-notch website created by Thryv. With a dedicated client portal, his customers can book appointments, make payments and get in touch with his team when they need assistance.

What's more, thanks to Thryv's online listings management, it's now simpler than ever for Ely Heating and Cooling's customers to find their business online.

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Dylan knew he couldn’t maintain an exceptional level of customer service running his business with pen and paper.

Thryv turned the business around by giving him the power to:

  • Send and receive quotes, estimates and invoices faster, and without all the paperwork.
  • Make it easier to schedule and manage appointments from anywhere.
  • Explore new ways to reach prospects and engage with customers.

Digitizing the business and putting everything in one place helped Dylan drastically improve efficiency and organize Ely Heating & Cooling from top to bottom.


If Thryv disappeared tomorrow, it would be a huge struggle to continue to provide the services we do in a thriving work environment.

Dylan Ely | Ely Heating & Cooling

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