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With Thryv we’ve freed up all our time and it’s all at our fingertips.

Business Problems

When David was handed the reigns to Breakwater Kitchens, he received an established business with a long-standing reputation for crafting quality kitchens. He was already very familiar with the ins and outs of the custom cabinetry world, but running a business was an entirely new undertaking.

He searched to find a solution that would automate painstakingly manual tasks – saving time, money, and the headache of inefficient processes.


Scheduling and Appointments

Originally written by hand in a paper diary, David and his team took their calendar to the next level with Thryv's Scheduling and Appointments. Clients can now book online and their receptionist can easily input a new appointment, applicable client details, and more.

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Client Communication

Missed appointments and forgotten details are a thing of the past. All Client Communication and essential client details are captured and stored in one accessible place. Even better, clients automatically receive reminders for appointments which has minimized so many missed appointments.

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Social Media

Social Media management integrated as part of Thryv makes it easy for the business to deliver a consistent message and build a stronger online brand. Their custom posts have proven to help captivate their audience and continue to grow their fan following.

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David and his team have been able to take back valuable time initially spent on tedious tasks and reinvest it into their business and workforce.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Manage appointments and easily access their calendar online.
  • Reduce missed appointments with the help of Automatic Reminders.
  • Continue growing his business – with 7% growth already recorded over the prior year.

With operations streamlined and access to the health of his business at his fingertips, David and his team can continue their mission to deliver dream kitchens to clients across their community. 

We’ve increased our time – we’re seeing more work. Which means we’ve increased our sales measurably around about 7% over the year since implementing it.

David Webb | Breakwater Kitchens

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