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PayPal Integration

Accept PayPal payments

Works with: Business Center


PayPal is a platform that allows businesses to process payments online, in-person or on-to-go. With Thryv’s seamless integration, all PayPal transaction data is imported directly into your CRM, so you can access all transaction details from anywhere. Your customers can pay the way they want, while you're assured that payments are securely processed and easily accessible in just a few clicks.

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Payments Accessible in One Place

View PayPal transactions easily within Thryv.

See how it works!

Centralized payment management.

  • Save time and eliminate the need to search through multiple systems or platforms to find customer and payment details.
  • Avoid errors or discrepancies by ensuring you have the most accurate payment information accessible from anywhere.
  • Sync PayPal transactions and customer details within Thryv with automatic, real-time insights.

Payment Processing You Can Trust.

  • PayPal ensures all your customers’ sensitive data and information is secure, allowing them to pay without sharing their card or bank details.
  • Protect your business with assistance with any payment chargebacks, reversals and more.
  • Enjoy an added layer of security with Thryv’s multi-factor authentication to keep your account locked tight.

Data and Permissions

Data sharing details

How it works.

  • Requires both parties (business and customer) to have a PayPal account.
  • View installation guide for details, here
  • Click here to compare ThryvPay with Stripe and other payment processors.

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Those who want to accept PayPal Payments.

Real-Time Payment Data

Streamline payment and customer management by automatically syncing information from PayPal to Thryv.

Process Payments Securely

Protected by advanced data encryption, PayPal makes sure all sensitive payment and contact data is always secure.

Operate in One View

Stop juggling between multiple platforms with the simple and seamless sync between PayPal and Thryv.

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