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Mailchimp Integration

Email made easy with your Thryv CRM

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With Thryv’s integration with MailChimp, your customers experience one end-to-end marketing journey with your business. Automatically sync your customers’ contact details, such as name, email, phone and birthday inside your Mailchimp account. This allows you to launch email and marketing campaigns with confidence — to the right people at the right moments.

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Sync Your Thryv Contacts to Mailchimp

Easily access and manage your contacts from one central location.

See how it works!

One single platform.

  • Mailchimp account required.
  • Eliminate manual updates of your contact information with automatic syncing
  • Reduce risk, discrepancies and inconsistency from manual updates with a new, centralized customer list.

Tailored communications.

  • Personalize every email by leveraging detailed customer information from your Thryv CRM, such as Happy Birthday emails.
  • Create and send personalized, tailored emails that nurture long-term customer relationships.

Data and Permissions

Data sharing details

How it works.

  • Select and configure your preferences of a one-time import of Mailchimp contacts to Thryv, a one-time export of Thryv contacts to Mailchimp, and an ongoing bi-directional sync between the applications.
  • An Audience List and Email are required in Mailchimp to sync a contact to Thryv.
  • View installation guide (click here ) for more details.

Free Integration


Unlimited users

Ideal for

For those who have an Mailchimp account and want to sync data with Thryv.

  • Integration Requires a Mailchimp account.
  • Streamline Your Marketing
  • Personalize Every Experience

Streamline Your Marketing

Automatically connect your email marketing to your CRM, ensuring customer data is always up to date. Plus, you’ll maintain one customer list without having to manually update multiple platforms.

Personalize Every Experience

Tailor your email communications to customers by pulling their details from Thryv’s CRM, such as name, email, services purchased and even birthdays. Then, launch campaigns that continue to convert.

Connect Your Platforms

Sync your Mailchimp and Thryv accounts so your customers’ information is the same across both. Then, leverage the power of both platforms to deliver one connected customer experience.

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