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Jotform Integration

Boost your customer data with easy-to-use forms

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Whether it’s a service ticket, event registration or simply a request for your customer’s contact information, Thryv’s integration with Jotform helps you understand your customers and build long-lasting relationships. Jotform’s online forms make it easy for you to collect valuable details about your prospects and customers. The custom, dynamic forms sync directly with your Thryv CRM, so you can paint a fuller picture of your customers by storing and accessing the data you collect from your Jotforms.

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Get to Know Your Customers

Unleash the power of customer insights for your marketing.

Customer insights made easy.

  • Jotform account required. Uninstall integration anytime.
  • Build custom forms to get the customer answers you need.
  • Sync to your Thryv CRM’s customer contact card.

Maximize your CRM's potential.

  • Connect your Jotform answers with your customer’s CRM card.
  • Customize the data fields you wish to sync by incorporating the data fields from your form to your Client Card.
  • Jotform form(s) and Thryv contact fields required for integration with Thryv

Data and Permissions

Data sharing details

How it works.

  • First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone will be available by default.
  • Configure your Thryv CRM customized fields to those within the chosen Jotform allowing data to sync seamlessly.
  • View the installation guide (click here) for more details.

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Companies looking to sync data between Jotform and Thryv.

  • Capture data from Jotforms
  • Collect and Update information automatically

Source Customer Insights Easily

You have questions, Jotform allows you to collect answers. Build custom forms that collect the information you need, and then sync it with your Thryv CRM for a complete picture of your customer.

Integrate with Your CRM

Connect your Jotform responses to your Thryv CRM. Ensure every form answer syncs straight to your contact card so you get the insights, whether it’s marketing, payments, follow ups and more, all in one central place.

Installations Made Simple

After installing your integration, you can edit the existing Jotform or select a different form to sync to Thryv. Rest assured that any details gathered through your form will update your contact cards in real-time. You can uninstall the integration at any time.

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