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Key Features

  • Get a quote and buy a policy for your small business completely online within minutes
  • Current Products: General Liability, Business Owners Policy, and Professional Liability Policy
  • Coterie offers both standard, year-long General Liability Insurance policies, as well as flexible duration, project-based coverage through our partners.
  • Business Owner’s Policies are versatile policies designed to help small business owners protect their business and their property.
  • Professional Liabilities Policies are typically used if a client sues a business due to a mistake, and is usually used for service-based professions.
  • Coterie leverages existing data, so businesses don’t have to fill out time-consuming applications.
  • Coterie is a licensed insurance producer in all 50 states and is backed by A-rated licensed insurers and reinsurers.


At Coterie, we've made obtaining business insurance easy, fast, and affordable for the small businesses of today. We've partnered with Thryv to enable you to get the reliable coverage that your business needs, in as little as 4 minutes - all online! Small business owners and contractors need insurance. Whether it's a requirement for obtaining a license or a job, you are leasing office space, you are getting a loan, or you simply want the peace of mind that comes with protecting your livelihood if something unexpected were to happen, insurance is a basic necessity for doing business. However, did you also know that insurance can help you win more jobs, gain credibility, and be a competitive advantage in the marketplace?\nWhether you are looking to protect your business, your employees, your inventory, and/or your customers, Coterie is here to help. Our mission is to empower doers to take bigger swings by removing unwanted risk and enabling them to do more good. We want entrepreneurs, creators, business leaders, inventors, and freelancers to keep doing what they love; creating amazing products, services, and jobs. The day to day is hard enough, Coterie exists to make it as easy as possible to find fast, reliable coverage, so that you can get back to work.

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