Unlocking Growth: Funding and Technology for Small Businesses

Thryv’s Grant Freeman and Bridge built by Citi®’s Rohit Mathur will help you navigate the maze of funding options available for small businesses. Plus, they’ll be breaking down the digital solutions that make the process faster and stress-free.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What type of funding your business needs
  • How to use technology to find the right lender
  • Why tech tools are a small business's best ally

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Rohit Mathur Profile

Rohit Mathur

Co-founder and Head of Bridge built by City®, and CEO of Foro (+ Bridge)

Rohit is the Head of Bridge built by Citi. He led the ideation, prototyping and creation of the platform. He has worked closely with banks and SMEs to understand their pain points and create solutions through the Bridge platform. Bridge has grown from a few states and key banks in 2021 to national coverage with over 65 banks in 2023. He is passionate about working with regional and community banks to improve access to capital for underserved communities.

Grant Freeman Profile

Grant Freeman

Grant Freeman

Grant Freeman is President at Thryv ensuring Thryv is a transformative and efficient customer-centric company. Grant’s prior title was Chief Customer Officer focusing on improving the client and employee experience to create highly engaged and happy clients. Grant remains focused on leading the global team responsible for acquisition, retention, operations and client success.

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